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Bad Twin - Lost character's best-seller (preview)

Bad Twin

Preview by Jack Foley

THE Lost phenomenon appears to be reaching beyond TV to the book world, given that a new novel supposedly written by one of the characters from the drama has become a US best-seller.

Bad Twin is currently in the top 20 of online retailer, Amazon’s best-seller list.

It is the work of fictional author, Gary Troup, and is about a private investigator who has to find a pair of twins. According to its publishers, Hyperion, it’s about circumstances “when all seems lost”.

However, to layer on the mystery surrounding the show, the book’s author, Gary Troup, is one of the victims of the doomed flight in Lost.

His manuscript, however, survives and is read by one of the Lost characters.

In a further ironic twist, Troup’s name is an anagram of “purgatory”, while the true identity of the author behind the novel has not been revealed.

Bob Miller, president of Hyperion, is well aware that the publicity stunt is well-timed to cash-in on the show’s success. He told the BBC: “We got this manuscript from this guy and we couldn’t reach him. He apparently got on this plane in Australia and has been lost at sea.”

The book is currently available to order through Amazon if you fancy unravelling the mystery.

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