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Confessions of a Lapdancer - Preview

Confessions of a Lapdancer

Preview by Jack Foley

GERI Carson is fed up with life in the City. Forced to act as one the boys in order to climb the ladder of one of London’s biggest investment banks, it seems however hard she tries, she’s constantly sidelined – her male colleagues all get bigger bonuses and the most prestigious accounts.

Struggling to keep up with an increasingly lavish lifestyle, Geri gets deeper into debt. She needs cash – and fast.

A company night out leads her to a lap-dancing club. She’s awestruck by how much power the girls command – and completely turned on. Soon, Geri is presented with an offer she can’t refuse. A chance to earn £500 per night lap-dancing in one of the hottest clubs in town.

Once the lights go up, Gerry has never felt more alive. She’s a natural and soon becomes intoxicated by her new job.

Until then she discovers a seedier and scarier side to life as a lap dancer. A world where anything goes and only the strongest survive…

The author is living proof that variety is the spice of life! After a childhood in which her parents took scant interest in her love of dance and persuaded her, against her instincts, into a career in the city, she found an outlet for her natural performing flair in karaoke bars and night clubs.

She is fascinated by the stripping industry and has befriended a number of women who work in it. Knowing that her career as a merchant banker is unlikely to reach the glass table top, let alone the glass ceiling, she decided to tell the story of maintaining two very different lifestyles. She firmly believes in keeping all options open…