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Gallery of Steam - Steam Railway Magazine

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

Gallery of Steam, a collector’s edition book featuring carefully selected images from Steam Railway magazine, is as much about the patience and skill of the photographers as it is about the locomotives themselves. And the results speak volumes.

As is usual with books of this nature, Gallery of Steam is divided into sections – ten in total, ranging from A World Away to Sunrise, Sunset to Freight on the Line, thereby effectively placing the steam engine at the centre of its world.

But make no mistake, no matter how beautiful or atmospheric the setting, be it a copper sunset, a misty morning or a snowy landscape, the engine remains the ‘star’ – never more so than when its exhaust hangs in still morning air or takes on a sculptured effect in low winter sun.

Moreover, each image (and there are more than 150) is accompanied by notes that will delight true aficionados, detailing as they do locations, dates and, perhaps more importantly, engine types and numbers – and, of course, the photographer’s name.

By today’s standards, Gallery of Steam isn’t a big book but it’s one those rare instances when you can truly say less is more. A lovely book, it’s one steam enthusiasts will treasure long after the last great locomotive has disappeared into the sunset.