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Gone (James Patterson) - Preview

Gone, James Patterson

Preview by Jack Foley

A CRIME lord has declared war on America. Only Detective Michael Bennett knows why.

Award-winning and best-selling author James Patterson is back with another compelling thriller in the Michael Bennett Series Gone, the latest instalment is out on hardback on September 12, published by Century.

The Detective Michael Bennett series is a consistent Sunday Times number one bestseller and the character is a classic Patterson hero with all the suspense, action and excitement of an Alex Cross story.

Josh Berman (CSI) has been signed up to direct The Cru, a forthcoming series featuring Detective Michael Bennett for US TV network CBS.

Manuel Perrin doesn’t fear anyone or anything. A charismatic and ruthless leader, Perrine slaughters rivals as effortlessly as he wears his trademark white linen suit.

Detective Michael Bennett once managed to put Perrine behind bars, the only official in the US ever to accomplish that. But now Perrine is out, and he is sworn to find and kill Bennett and everyone dear to him.

Detective Bennett, along with his 10 adopted children, their nanny and his grandfather, are hidden safely on a rural California farm, with guards courtesy of the FBI’s witness protection program.

Perrine begins to embark on an escalating series of assassinations across the country, killings whose brazenness and audacity bring into question the possibility of safety and law in the US. The FBI has no choice but to ask Detective Bennett to risk it all in Perrine’s war on America.

A no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-floor, action-packed novel, Gone is James Patterson at his most personal and most thrilling best.

James Patterson is one of the best-known and biggest-selling writers of all time. Since winning the Edgar Award in 1977 for his first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, his books have sold more than 280 million copies worldwide, with over 16 million in the UK alone.

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