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Incy Wincy Spider and others

Reviews by Lizzie Guilfoyle

A FAMILIAR nursery rhyme, Incy Wincy Spider by Bob the Builder creator Keith Chapman, is given an enchanting makeover by Jack Tickle, illustrator of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar.

Colourful illustrations follow the adventures of Incy Wincy after he is blown through the window of the barn he calls home by a gust of wind. Cue: a bevy of delightful farm animals that young children will easily recognize.

As for Incy Wincy himself, he’s as cute as a button; a clever ploy no doubt, to nip arachnophobia in the bud.

An accompanying CD, with a running time of over 15 minutes, also tells the complete story, along with original music and sound effects. And to encourage learner readers to join in, there are ‘page turn pings’.

Most young children are fascinated by the moon yet ‘moon’ stories suitable for little people are pretty thin on the ground. Sheridan Cain’s By the Light of the Moon is therefore, an absolute treasure.

In words and pictures, this delightful story begins as Little Mouse is about to go to sleep. Only he can’t because Mole comes to tell Mother Mouse that the nest isn’t safe, that she must find another bed for her baby.

With well-meaning advice from friends, including Owl and Duck, Little Mouse finds himself in a strange assortment of beds but still unable to sleep – until Mother Mouse remembers ‘the soft light of the moon shining above her.’

The illustrations, by Gaby Hansen, are lovely with the moon – luminous with silver glitter – taking pride of place . Little ones will love it.

The Steam Train Jigsaw Book joins Poppy, Sam and Rusty the dog as they get ready for a big day out on a real steam train; and incorporated into the story are four simple jigsaws – ideal for little hands.

In total, there are 20 illustrations (plus a map of Apple Tree Village) and in each, there’s a little yellow duck. Far from obvious, he’ll keep little minds occupied – until that is, they remember where he’s hiding!

The Steam Train Jigsaw Book is written by Heather Amery and illustrated in bold colours by Stephen Cartwright.