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The Lost Symbol release to be marked by puzzles

Story by Jack Foley

THE eagerly-anticipated release of The Lost Symbol will be marked by a series of puzzles, according to its publishers.

The book, which features Harvard Professor Robert Langdon for a third time and follows The Da Vinci Code, is due for release in September. But as anticipation continues to build, publishers Doubleday have announced plans to use social networking sites such as Facebook to release codes, puzzles and teasers.

The front cover image of the book has recently been revealed as a key and symbol hanging over the Washington DC skyline – although the storyline remains under wraps.

Online rumours suggest Dan Brown’s latest could involve freemasonry, with the lost symbol of the title a reference to a ciphered pictogram in an ancient book called The Key of Solomon.

The Lost Symbol will be released on an initial print run of more than six million copies on September 15 (2009). It arrives six years after the success of Brown’s previous effort, The Da Vinci Code, which has since spawned a successful film series.

Indeed, the latest film version – Angels & Demons starring Tom Hanks – is still on world-wide cinematic release and has earned nearly $500m (£310m) at ther global box office.