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Waterstone's at the flicks: Our pick of the hottest movie tie-ins

WATERSTONE’S offers a wide variety of books about films and filmmakers. We’ve decided to pick out some of the best selections available this Christmas…

The Playboy Interviews: The Directors

The Playboy Interviews: The Directors: In this collection of remarkably candid interviews, 17 of the screen’s most widely acclaimed and creative filmmakers discuss what drives and inspires them.

These revealing, thought-provoking and highly personal interviews, possible only in “Playboy’s” open forum, range from Roman Polanski’s thoughts on the murder of his wife in the Manson Family massacre to Oliver Stone’s frank discussions about the challenges he faced in creating his memorable films.

It includes interviews with Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick, Clint Eastwood, Francis Ford Coppola, David Mamet, Spike Lee and the Coen brothers, among others.

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The Art Of Ratatouille

The Art of Ratatouille: The Art of Ratatouille explores the artistic vision upon which the film was built with fascinating concept art, including storyboards, full-colour pastels, pencil sketches, maquettes, and more. Extensive quotes from the artists and production team and a foreword by director Brad Bird (“The Incredibles”) bring the art to life. With more than 200 pieces of art and a great design, this is the only adult tie in book for “Ratatouille”, which is set for a June, 2007 release.

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Grindhouse: The Sleaze-filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature

Grindhouse: The Sleaze-filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature: A superb insider’s look into the making of Grindhouse, the double-bill from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez that UK viewers were never allowed to see in original form! This is the essential guide to the two-fisted bloodbath of the year: filled with cast and crew interviews, hundreds of full-colour photographs, exclusive conceptual art, and an in-depth history of the ‘grind house’ genre by the directors themselves.

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Ten Bad Dates with De Niro

Ten Bad Dates with De Niro: Is Richard E. Grant’s Withnail a far superior screen drunk to Jimmy Stewart in Harvey? What is cinema’s most tragic farewell, its most ingenious plot-twist, its most shocking murder? And why do Robert De Niro’s characters behave so badly to women? All film fans keep mental records of their movie-going tastes, and their post-show arguments in the pub. This book is a rollicking collection of such ‘Top Tens’, contributed by a fine cast of leading film writers, acclaimed film-makers and novelists from Steven Soderbergh and the Coen Brothers to Gilbert Adair and DBC Pierre.

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Michael Mann (Taschen Film)

Michael Mann (Taschen Film): Over the course of the eight feature films he has directed since 1971 (not to mention the several features he has made for television), Michael Mann has shown himself, time and again, to be a rigorous, honest dramatist, a maker of solid worlds. So much so that in America, at least, he tends to be underrated. This book explores Mann’s multifaceted oeuvre, including his most recent film, Miami Vice. It is made with full access to Michael Mann’s archives!

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Star Wars” Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives

Star Wars Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives: To commemorate its thirtieth anniversary year, comes the ultimate Star Wars collectible keepsake book. In these lavishly produced and designed full colour pages fans will find a treasure trove of never-before-seen letters, photographs and other material connected with the films each of which has been lovingly reproduced from the originals. In 30 years of Star Wars publishing there has never been a Star Wars book like this one – a must-have purchase for every Star Wars fan.

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1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: 1,001 Movies” is now well-established as the definitive guide to everything you need to know about must-see movies, from the films you shouldn’t have missed the first time around, to the films you can see again and again. Expert critics in each genre of film, from romance to horror and sci-fi, have painstakingly included, revised, cut and added films to bring the must-watch list bang up-to-date for 2007.

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Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography

Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography: Julie Andrews is nothing if not a survivor; and despite many setbacks – including the tragedy of losing her singing voice in 1997 after a botched operation – she’s still a performer, recently starring in Shrek and The Princess Diaries. Richard Stirling’s deeply researched biography – based on many years of contact with Julie – is a frank but affectionate portrait of an enduring icon of stage and screen.

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