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Mercury Plains (Scott Eastwood) - Preview

Mercury Plains

Preview by Jack Foley

HOLLYWOOD’S latest action hero proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Mercury Plains explodes onto DVD with the Eastwood dynasty going from strength to strength on May 2, 2016, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

Mitch (Scott Eastwood – Suicide Squad, Fury) is a troubled young man who leaves his dead-end life behind when he hightails it to Mexico.

There, he’s recruited by a mysterious figure to join a group of paramilitary teenagers who take the fight against the drug cartels directly to the source. At their desert camp, Mitch finds himself being groomed to be the team’s top operative at the same time as their campaign against the drug lords ramps up a gear.

As the raids become bloodier and the Mexican police are closing in, Mitch realizes that his only way out is to escape back to the USA.

With Eastwood effortlessly channelling his father Clint’s early charisma and being just as easy on the eye, Mercury Plains plays out as a smart companion piece to this year’s Sicario, albeit with a hugely attractive, much younger cast.

The perfect Friday night fodder that captures Eastwood’s star in the ascendant, Mercury Plains is essential.

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Safelight - Preview


Preview by Jack Foley

BULLDOG Film Distribution is pleased to announce that Safelight (cert. 15) will be released in select cinemas and on digital HD on April 29, 2016, and on DVD on May 2.

The film, starring Juno Temple (Killer Joe, Black Mass, Horns) and Evan Peters (X-Men: Days Of Future Past, American Horror Story), is a touching road movie centred around an unlikely burgeoning romance.

The paths of two desperate individuals cross in a dusty desert town in the late 1970s. Charles (Peters) is a high school senior with physical challenges and Vickie (Temple) is a troubled runaway.

After Charles steps in to help Vickie during a fight with the dangerous Skid (Kevin Alejandro, True Blood, Red State), the pair form an unlikely relationship. But will the pair’s difficult lives allow them to find happiness?

One thing is for certain – their lives will be changed forever.

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Respectable - The Mary Millington Story - Preview

Respectable: The Mary Millington Story

Preview by Jack Foley

IN THE 1970s one girl broke all the rules and became the biggest box office star of the decade. She seduced Britain with a meteoric rise to the top filled with controversy and scandal… her name was Mary Millington.

Now, in a brand new feature documentary, Respectable – The Mary Millington Story, narrated by renowned actor and BAFTA nominated director Dexter Fletcher (Eddie The Eagle, Wild Bill) and written and directed by Simon Sheridan, the truth behind Britain’s only genuine sex superstar is exposed by those who knew her best.

The film makes its debut on DVD thanks to Simply Media on May 2, 2016.

Mary Millington was a pretty English girl-next-door who truly personified the word glamour. She became the most famous pin-up of the decade and had a racy reputation that could shift a million newspapers and ensure a movie’s cinematic success including the hit 1970s sex comedy Come Play with Me, which went on to become the longest-running British movie of all-time.

Her incredible fame fueled a lavish lifestyle and lead to an affair with a serving Prime Minister. Her sexuality was accessible, and her personality addictive, but Mary’s sexual bravado hid a darker side. Persecuted by the authorities, Mary was tortured by self-doubt and she died at the height of her fame in August 1979. She was just 33.

Shot on location in London, and at the legendary Pinewood Studios, this enthralling documentary reveals the truth behind a real British icon by those who were closest to her including former boyfriend, West Ham Football Club co-owner, businessman and publishing magnate David Sullivan, actor Dudley Sutton (The Devils) and former glamour model/actress Linzi Drew.

Respectable – The Mary Millington Story is a tale stranger than any fiction – of lost innocence, sex, fame, fortune and, ultimately, tragedy.

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Win a Citizen Kane 75th Anniversary Blu-ray

Citizen Kane Anniversary

Preview by Jack Foley

TO celebrate the release of Citizen Kane 75th Anniversary Edition – out on Blu-ray and Digital HD on Monday, May 2, 2016 – we have a copy to giveaway!

The Oscar®-winning film, directed, written by and starring Orson Welles, is considered to be one of the finest achievements in cinema and last year topped the BBC Culture poll of the 100 Greatest American Films.

Welles was only 25 years old when he made this, his debut film, a gripping drama which would cement his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most influential directors and stars.

The set comes with a set of collectables including; 5x One Sheet / Lobby Card reproductions, a 48-page book with photos, storyboards and behind the scenes info, a 20-page 1941 souvenir programme reproduction and 10x production memos and correspondence.

About the film

1940. Alone at his fantastic estate known as Xanadu, 70-year-old Charles Foster Kane dies, uttering only the single word Rosebud.

So ends the odyssey of a life… and begins a fabulous tale of the rise to wealth and power – and ultimate fall – of a complex man: A boy abandoned by his parents inherits a fortune, builds a global newspaper empire and aspires to become President of the United States, but he loses everything over an affair with an untalented nightclub singer.

This fascinating story unfolds through the eyes of the people important to the tycoon – each showing a different aspect of Citizen Kane.

Order today

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Sisters (Tina Fey/Amy Poehler) - DVD Review

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

GIVEN the charisma they displayed when co-presenting the Golden Globes, it’s hardly a surprise to report that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler help to keep the hit-and-miss comedy Sisters afloat with their winning chemistry.

Written by Saturday Night Live regular Paula Pell and directed by Jason Moore, of Pitch Perfect fame, Sisters could best be described as a female Step Brothers meets Animal House. Sadly, it’s nowhere near as consistent as either of those movies.

The main problem lies with the flimsy premise, insecure siblings Kate and Maura (Fey and Poehler) returning to their family home when their older parents (James Brolin and Dianne Wiest) announce their intention to sell up.

Outraged and determined to sabotage the plan, Kate and Maura vow to throw a party that’s ultimately aimed at trashing the place. Yet over the course of a particularly wild night, they must confront their own insecurities.

For Kate, that’s about taming the party animal instincts that have consistently landed her in so much trouble, as well as re-connecting with her estranged teenage daughter (Madison Davenport), while for Maura it’s about letting go of the do-good tendencies that have governed her life, unleashing something a little more wayward and potentially even finding romance.

Admittedly, the plot does suggest plenty of room for a keen mix of bawdy, profane and vulgar comedy with touching family bonding moments (a la films like Bridesmaids) but, in reality, the film is more keen to go for the former at the expense of the latter.

Hence, the profanity sometimes becomes tiresome with Fey’s character, in particular, content to demean herself with acts such as breast flashing (albeit with bra still on) or bedding the bad guy (in this case, man mountain drug dealer John Cena).

More of the jokes also crash than hit, with the laugh-out-loud moments in curiously short supply (save for one well handled mis-pronunciation gag of a name and a particularly excruciating accident involving a wind-up toy and a man’s behind).

It’s therefore down to Fey and Poehler to save the day and – for the most part – they do. The two clearly enjoy working together (having first struck gold with Baby Mama) and their pithy banter here helps the film to overcome most of its more cumbersome elements.

Sisters is a disappointment given the talent involved on both sides of the camera but it’s made watchable and often highly amusing by the comedic prowess of its two leading ladies: a valuable commodity that is not to be dismissed lightly.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 118mins
UK Blu-ray & DVD Release: April 25, 2016

The Ninth Configuration - Preview

The Ninth Configuration

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM William Peter Blatty, renowned author of The Exorcist, comes one the most unique and extraordinary films on screen, The Ninth Configuration, a taut theological thriller from 1980, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut courtesy of Second Sight.

This mind-blowing cult classic arrives on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as download and on-demand on April 25, 2016, complete with a whole host of newly produced bonus features, including brand new interviews with William Peter Blatty, Stacy Keach and many more.

Deep in a forest of pine trees near the coast of Washington State stands a secluded gothic castle, commandeered by the Pentagon for use as a military asylum. Determined to establish the true nature and origin of the men’s mental illness, the Pentagon enlists the services of Colonel Kane (Stacy Keach – American History X), a brilliant, yet strangely unorthodox psychiatrist.

With a reserved calm he indulges the inmates’ delusions, allowing them free rein to express their fantasies. But some are wary of the newcomer and his methods. There may be more to Kane than meets the eye and the insanity escalates towards an explosive revelation.

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The Sign of Four (Restored) - Preview

Sign of Four

Preview by Jack Foley

TWO quintessential Sherlock Holmes mysteries, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Sign of Four, have been given a brand new 4K restoration and will make their debut on Blu-ray alongside a DVD release, with newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.

The films star renowned actor Ian Richardson (House of Cards) as the iconic detective, and will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, download and on-demand on April 25, 2016 courtesy of Second Sight.

A young woman desperate for help enlists the aid of Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson, this time played by David Healy (Labyrinth) in The Sign of Four (1983).

Drawn in by her intriguing tale the game is afoot and they begin to delve deeper into the case of a missing army captain in India, secret pacts and a king’s ransom in stolen jewels.

All the while they must keep Mary Morstan (Cherie Lunghi – Excalibur) safe as they are all shadowed by a mysterious peg-legged man and his dangerous associate.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles (Restored) - Preview

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Preview by Jack Foley

TWO quintessential Sherlock Holmes mysteries, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Sign of Four, have been given a brand new 4K restoration and will make their debut on Blu-ray alongside a DVD release, with newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.

The films star renowned actor Ian Richardson (House of Cards) as the iconic detective, and will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, download and on-demand on April 25, 2016 courtesy of Second Sight.

For generations the Baskerville family is believed to have been cursed by a diabolical killer hound that prowls the fog-shrouded moors of their estate.

When Sir Henry Baskerville is found dead, the great detective Sherlock Holmes embarks on his most famous case in The Hound of the Baskervilles (1983) with the loyal Dr. Watson (Donald Churchill – Zepplin) by his side.

In this classic tale of murder and deception in the eerie English countryside, Sherlock will need all his skills of deduction to unravel this haunting mystery and the legend of the hound.

Win The Hound of the Baskervilles on DVD

To celebrate the release of The Hound of the Baskervilles in a new 4K restoration on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, April 25, 2016, IndieLondon is offering readers the chance to win 1 of 3 copies on DVD. Simply answer the following question…

Q. Who plays Dr Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles?

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Joy - David O Russell DVD interview


Compiled by Jack Foley

DAVID O Russell discusses what attracted him to the film Joy and what it was like working with some of his stars again, including Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.

He also talks about his hopes and intentions for the film, his knowledge of miracle mops and some of the challenges he overcame to lend the film its innovative feel. Joy is available to own on Digital HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD on April 25, 2016 courtesy by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Q. What was it about this story that intrigued you and excited you?
David O Russell: This is a very unlikely success story about a woman making it happen in business on her own. It is a very different emotional story from any previous movies with a woman at the center. For me, it changes everything to have men in the film who are real, but who are generous and humble enough to be there as part of Joy’s story, whether she steps over them or steps with them! As Joy says at the beginning when she is a little girl, she does not need a prince.”

Q: The film is innovative in many ways; can you discuss the challenges you faced and your approach?
David O Russell: There were many daring things about the film. It was daring to make a movie about an ordinary person who made this seemingly ordinary invention: the Miracle Mop. How do you make that story extraordinary? To me, every movie is about the world you create. I said: ‘what was Joy’s dream at 10 years old? What happened to her when she was 45 years old?’ I’d never done that before. I’d never done something like this with soap operas [Joy’s mother in the movie, played by Virginia Madsen, watches them all day long] that were a part of her psyche. We went into a dream life in a way we’ve never done before. I’d never done a film with dreams that were not literal, but emotional, about feeling trapped and being told to change your life before it’s too late. There are pieces of music I’ve been waiting 40 years to use and metaphors I’ve been waiting my whole life to use. You know, being able to cover so much of someone’s life, to see Joy fall in love and get married, have a marriage that isn’t working and then break up … that’s cinema to me!

Q: Can you elaborate on the theme of childhood dreams and how we often lose track of them, as Joy does when she gets older?
David O Russell: As a child there is a spark in your eye, that gleam in your eye, the magic you had in your room, because the world is a magical place to kids. And then you look at what happens when kids grow up and deal with real life and disappointment and the hard realities of money. It has happened to me. You have to get a job and you have to make a living and so sometimes that magical voice becomes very faint. And sometimes you can’t hear it at all. I know people who have never heard it again and then there are people who think they can hear it and they chase it and they get it back. That is what this story was about to me.

Q: Some people like Joy recapture the magic don’t they? What happens to her?
David O Russell: The film is about how Joy reclaims whatever was in her as a child, that spark in that room. She says ‘I’m not going to be controlled by all the forces around me.’ She starts her business in a metal garage that fixes trucks and buses, which is a very unlikely place for a woman to start out her dream, but Joy did it and that was real.

Q: She does not have a practical role model in her mother…
David O Russell: Her mother watched soap operas. She was a childlike character who withdrew from the world. It’s interesting because her mother could not be strong and daring herself, but she watched women who were strong and daring on TV. It’s like Russian literature on a soap!

Q: Can you discuss your working relationship with Jennifer Lawrence?
David O Russell: I feel that I’ve watched her grow up in many ways. She was 20 years old when we met and worked together [on Silver Linings Playbook]. She didn’t know what it was like to be famous. She asked Bradley (Cooper) and Robert (De Niro) what it was like to have people recognize them on the street, because Hunger Games had not come out yet. And then by the time Silver Linings Playbook came out, she was being recognized. So I watched how that girl who liked to be true to her spirit, who was completely unpredictable and free and alive, channelled all that into acting in a true way, without over-thinking anything.

She did it just by stepping onto the court and going for it. It was a gift, and I watched her become very successful. Then I watched her learn to manage all that, which is quite a large thing for anybody, especially for a young person. But she has done it. This time [on Joy], I saw her become a leader in a way on the set and it’s just been very beautiful watching her.

Q: What do you think singles Jennifer out?
David O Russell: I think part of it is that she is like an athlete. Jennifer has a gift, but has had to work very hard for it and has had to respect it and be frank about it and not be precious about it and not feel important about it – which she doesn’t.

She is very cognizant of not being pleased with herself and that is really cool. There’s something very pure about her. If you have a gift, you must have the ability to do the work or the gift will never show up. Jennifer is always a very hard worker and she loves to work, so those combinations make her very special. She’s extremely intuitive and emotional, and she chemically bleeds right into the film. There’s just something about her that is very special, present, alive, fierce and gentle.


Q: Who were your inspirations for Joy?
David O Russell: There were numerous inspirations. There’s my mother. There is also Lillian Vernon, the entrepreneur who created the first mail order catalogue in the ’50s and ’60s. She started a business selling really cool stuff for homes. She called herself ‘Lillian Vernon from Mount Vernon’, which is near where I grew up in New York. But I would say about roughly half the film, give or take, is based on true incidents from Joy Mangano’s life. Some of the more wild things in the film are true, because truth is stranger than fiction, and because fiction has to make sense. So in the film, for example, there was a gun range next to the garage [where Joy starts her business]. That is true!

Q: I believe you discussed Joy Mangano’s life and business at length with her?
David O Russell: Yes, I asked Joy a lot of questions. I said ‘well, how did you first think of the idea of the mop?’ She said: ‘I was really stuck. I was working at Eastern Air Lines.’ As a single mother of two she was broke, she got divorced from the singer who had given her magic and love. It didn’t work out because he couldn’t hold a job down. But he still lived in her basement; he was very comfortable there. He came and went. Tony was the dreamer and Joy was the person who was taking care of people. Her father, Rudy, went through various girlfriends. He really did meet his girlfriend through a ‘900’ number on a dating service, like [as he does in the film].

Q: What did Joy say inspired her idea for the Miracle Mop?
David O Russell: She told me she thought of the idea for the mop on a boat. I said: ‘a little motor boat?’ She said: ‘no it was a 60 foot boat.’ I said, ‘but you told me you were broke, your father ran a metal garage. He was broke too. How was that possible?’ She told me it was her father’s girlfriend who owned the boat.”

Q: As you say, truth is stranger than fiction!
David O Russell: Yes, I said ‘are you kidding me?’ But no she was not kidding. Her father, Rudy, would meet widows and he would date them to fall in love. So I said ‘this is great. I’m going to create this role for Isabella Rossellini.’ So in the film there is this continental character who wears scarves and who comes from Italy. I made up a back-story for her. She had been married to a ‘garmento’ [who worked in the clothing industry] and that’s the name of her boat, “The Morris.” I’d ask Joy all the tough questions about her mop. I would say ‘Why isn’t a sponge mop a good self-wringing mop? How do you come up with something like this?’ And she said, ‘Well, it doesn’t really get into corners.’

I said ‘That’s true, because it’s not flexible like cloth.’ She also said her cloth was much more absorbent than others, so you could mop up a whole floor with it. How she came up with it was very specific. Then Louis C.K. (the comedian) and I were actually flying on a plane together. He is a boat guy. When I told him about Joy, he said ‘you should make the boat out of teak wood. You can’t have red wine on teak wood because it stains really easily.’ I said ‘oh, that’s a great idea. I’m going to use that idea of red wine on the deck, in the film, because Joy said she first thought of the mop on the boat.’

Q: Are you interested and knowledgeable on the subject of mops?
David O Russell: I am [laughs]. I actually cleaned houses as a kid. I did it for a living in my teenage years. And in my twenties, we had a youth employment service in our town and I would vacuum a couple of houses on the weekend! That was my big thing, to vacuum entire houses. It’s a hell of a workout if it’s wall to wall!

Q: Joy is a very inspiring film about a woman who is working, taking care of everyone and has dreams of her own. What does that central focus of the movie mean to you?
David O Russell: Listen, I can understand how many women very naturally take on the roles of taking care of everybody and taking care of the home and then say, ‘well what happened to the things I wanted to do?’ It happened to my mother and to other people I know. It takes an enormous amount of perseverance to be willing to try to do those things you want to do, because it is never going to be easy. Joy was in room after room of men who were challenging her, yet she believed in herself regardless. And then of course they [at QVC the home shopping network] had a man trying to sell her mop on television, which did not make any sense, but that is what happened. I just love seeing Joy become a person in a position of authority after being on the other side of everything for so much of the movie.


Q: Can you discuss Robert De Niro’s role? He is hilarious in this film. There is a great scene in which he’s telling his daughter she should not marry Tony – on her actual wedding day!
David O Russell: Yes, which happened to Joy [Mangano]. She said as they walked down the aisle, her father said that. The thing is, you say ‘well that sounds terrible’ but her father was right. Robert is extremely special and to get him to put his heart into this character was great. He plays someone who loves his daughter and would do anything for her, yet cannot get out of his own way, which is exactly what Joy’s own father has been like in her life.

And Robert by the way was like Rudy. He let us birth the movie in his own office. He let us use his office and we would do auditions in his office and he was sort of the brainchild of everything, just like Rudy was the brainchild of Joy’s business. I am extremely grateful for any opportunity I have to work with Robert De Niro, he is an unparalleled actor with a huge soul, and he inspires me to write for him. I write for just about the entire cast, to what will be alive and soulful.

Q: You often work with Bradley Cooper, how interesting has it been watching his career flourish?
David O Russell: It’s my privilege to call Bradley my friend and collaborator really, a partner in cinema. He’s not just a very intense actor, he has also outgrown any of the younger qualities he had in Silver Linings Playbook. He’s a man now and in the interim, he bought a book called American Sniper, which became a very intense, true film and which he got Clint Eastwood to direct. Bradley’s performance is impeccable in that very powerful film about war veterans. He is precise and inspired and original in this film [as Neil Walker, an executive salesman at QVC home shopping TV network who gives Joy her big break]. My dad was a salesman [with Simon & Schuster, the publishing house]. I knew many salesmen and I love how affable they are, but also how serious they are because it’s their everyday living.

Q. How rewarding is it working with some of the same, great actors again and again?
David O Russell: There is a trust and a willingness to take risks together and to be daring together. It makes me aspire to make it worth their heart and their time to do roles that are going to be good and different from anything they’ve done before. For example, I want to be able to say that I’ve never seen Robert De Niro do all these things with his daughter he does in this film, and go on a 900 number to date and all that stuff.

I’ve never seen Bradley act the way he does in this movie. With Jennifer, what I love is that in the beginning of the movie she’s on the other side of Robert’s desk appealing to him and Isabella Rossellini, and she’s on the other side of Bradley Cooper’s desk appealing to him. By the end, they’re on the other side of her desk appealing to her!

Q: The title of the film is as inspiring as Joy’s story. How would you define joy?
David O Russell: Joy means bearing the love and the loyalty and the scars of everything you’ve been through, but still having a deep contentment and a spark inside yourself, a gleam in your eye. It means connecting to those things that are special to you. Whatever your dreams are, it is about having the perseverance to stay with them. It is about being at peace, feeling like you’ve not just been pushed around by life, but that you are taking part in it. It is a feeling that you’ve come through – and that you’ve been true to yourself. The kind of joy, [the character] Joy experiences at the end of the movie is very deep and mature.

Q: Do we have to endure suffering to experience joy?
David O Russell: Unfortunately, I think they go hand in hand. I think that the rain makes the sun sweeter, so they highlight each other.

Q: What brings you joy in your work?
David O Russell: Filming gives me great joy; it’s my life. It gives me great joy to do an endeavor with people that is daunting, filled with risk, fear and ultimately joy. I can say this, my work means everything to me.

Joy is available to own on Digital HD™, Blu-ray™ & DVD on April 25, 2016 courtesy by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Black Horse Canyon/Bengal Brigade - Preview

Black Horse Canyon

Preview by Jack Foley

SIMPLY Media are delighted to announce the release of six Hollywood Classics / Universal Pictures feature films, which all come to DVD on April 18, 2016, some for the very first time.

The titles include three action-packed Westerns: Black Horse Canyon, Calamity Jane and Sam Bass and Cattle Drive, which arrive on DVD for the first time in the UK, and the further three are Back to God’s Country, Bengal Brigade and Bad Sister, which star Hollywood legends Rock Hudson, Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis.

Black Horse Canyon (1954)

This is a beautifully shot Western based on Lee Savage’s novel The Wild Horse.

McCrea (Foreign Correspondent) stars as novice rancher Del Rockwell, who goes in pursuit of a magnificent wild black stallion hoping to use it for stud purposes, but rival landowners Jennings (Murvyn Vye – Road to Bali) and Aldis Spain (Mari Blanchard – McLintock) have other ideas and want the horse for their own ranches.

Directed by Jesse Hibbs (Perry Mason), this exciting saga comes to a thrilling climax and stars award-winning wild stallion, Outlaw.

Bengal Brigade (1954)

Bengal Brigade

This is an American action adventure set in British ruled India in 1857, at the outbreak of the Indian mutiny. Rock Hudson stars as Captain Claybourne – a British officer who is dismissed from his regiment over a charge of disobeying orders.

But as he goes about restoring his reputation, Claybourne soon finds that his duty to his men is far from over.

This thrilling war time drama from 1954 is directed by Golden Globe winner Laslo Benedek (Death of a Salesman) and stars Dan O’Herlihy (Robinson Crusoe) alongside three Star Trek icons Arnold Moss, Torin Thatcher and Michael Ansara.

Win Black Horse Canyon and Bengal Brigade on DVD

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Q. What is the name of the book upon which Black Horse Canyon is based?

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