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Where The Devil Hides - Preview

Where The Devil Hides

Preview by Jack Foley

To celebrate the release of Where The Devil Hides, the eerie and atmospheric possession chiller – coming to DVD on January 26, 2015 – we have a copy on to giveaway courtesy of Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.

Like recent super-cool indie sleeper-hit The Sacrament, Where The Devil Hides revolves around a religious cult.

Unlike that film, Where The Devil Hides’ cast features some of cinema’s most iconic actors – Colm Meaney, Rufus Sewell and Jennifer Carpenter, all turn-in career-best performances. It is directed by Christian E. Christiansen.


When six baby girls are born on the sixth night of the sixth month, it spells doom for a religious cult who have prophesied that one of them will be the devil.

Elder Beacon (Colm Meaney) resolves to kill the infants, but is stopped by one baby’s father, Jacob (Rufus Sewell). 18 years later, on the eve of the prophecy’s completion, someone starts killing the girls, one-by-one.

Available to order on Amazon today

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The Equalizer (Denzel Washington) - DVD Review

The Equalizer

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

IT’S a measure of just how commanding a screen presence that Denzel Washington is that his latest, The Equalizer, is a thriller as good as it is.

Inspired by the television series of the same name, which starred Edward Woodward and ran from 1985 to 1989, this is the type of film that could once have been led by Sylvester Stallone or – more recently – Jason Statham.

But thanks to Washington’s enigmatic performance and some slick and unflinching direction from Antoine Fuqua (reuniting for the first time since their Oscar-winning exploits on Training Day), this manages to emerge from an average scenario into a true guilty pleasure. A hard-as-nails action flick that does what it does efficiently and expertly.

Hence, Washington plays Robert McCall, a former black ops commando who has faked his death to live a quiet life in Boston (as a DIY store attendant), but who decides to come out of ‘retirement’ to rescue a young girl, Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), who is being controlled and abused by the Russian Mob.

Affording her protection, McCall is soon targeted by one of the Mob’s most efficient killers (Marton Csokas), forcing him to rely on his old skills and tap into the dark past he was seeing to lay to rest.

Admittedly, Washington has walked this kind of territory before, most notably in the superior Man On Fire, and while this is the kind of role the actor can do in his sleep, he still brings a touch of class to proceedings.

His McCall is an engaging presence to be around: charismatic when he needs to be, as well as kind and compassionate, but capable of brutality and merciless in the extreme. Once unleashed, he is a ferocious killing machine… albeit one who is clearly wrestling with a conscience.

It’s to the film’s credit, too, that the audience isn’t spoon-fed McCall’s back story. Yes, we’re drip-fed enough to guess but there’s much more to potentially discover about this man and, thanks to Washington’s skillful handling of the material, every moment he is on-screen is hypnotic.

Grace Moretz is also good too, particularly in her scenes with Washington (which lend the film most of its heart), while Csokas makes a good villain and also excels in the leading man’s presence.

Fuqua, as he has shown with films like Training Day and Olympus Has Fallen, is good at delivering a muscular action scene and here pulls no punches, imbuing the film with a gritty style that is suitably adult (and borderline 18) as well as, just occasionally, self-aware enough to realise some of its own absurdities (such as Washington walking in slow motion away from an exploding boat).

And while some of the violence may be a little too unsavoury for some tastes and a few of the later scenes a little too audience-friendly and pat, The Equalizer is the type of experience that has enough in its armoury to overcome such faults.

It is an efficient crowd-pleaser that provides Washington with enough goods to create yet another memorable character to add to a CV littered with colourful creations. If, as suggested, this kick-starts a franchise, then it would be a welcome one.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 132mins
UK Blu-ray & DVD Release: January 26, 2015

Jimi: All Is By My Side - Preview

Jimi: All Is By My Side

Preview by Jack Foley

OutKast’s André Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix in this revealing biopic from Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years A Slave).

Covering a year in Hendrix’s life from 1966-67, from being an unknown backup guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of a sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend.

Featuring a mesmerising central performance, reincarnating Hendrix in stunning detail, this untold story of one of the greatest musicians that ever lived is a must-see for rock fans everywhere.

Jimi: All Is By My Side is released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, January 26, 2015.

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Honeymoon (Rose Leslie/Harry Treadaway) - Preview


Preview by Jack Foley

HONEYMOON is the new visceral horror film from Arrow Films starring two of Britain’s best young talents; the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie and Penny Dreadful‘s Harry Treadaway.

It also features the directorial debut from Leigh Janiak. Honeymoon was one of the most talked about films of 2014.

It is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday, January 26, 2015.


Young newlyweds Paul (Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) travel to remote lake country for their honeymoon, where the promise of private romance awaits them. Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night.

As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods.

Treadaway and Leslie give captivating leading performances as a couple that takes new love to disturbing depths. With romance slowing giving way to terror, writer/director Leigh Janiak puts her unique stamp on this intimate, chilling thriller.

Order Honeymoon now

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Draft Day (Kevin Costner) - Preview & trailer

Draft Day

Preview by Jack Foley

IN Draft Day, on the day of the NFL Draft (American Football), general manager Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner) has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick.

He must quickly decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in pursuit of perfection as the lines between his personal and professional life become blurred on a life‐changing day for a few hundred young men with dreams of playing in the NFL.

Draft DayY features an all-star cast with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, Sean Combs, Frank Langella, Sam Elliot, Rosanna Arquette, Terry Crews, Tom Welling and Ellen Burstyn. It is directed by the legendary Ivan Reitman.

As well as Terry Crews, former and current NFL players also feature, including: Deion Sanders, Alex Mack and Ray Lewis.

Draft Day is available from January 26, 2015, in time for 2015 Super Bowl Sunday (February 1).

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Watch the trailer

Ragnarok: The Viking Apocalypse - Preview


Preview by Jack Foley

TO celebrate the release of Ragnarok: The Viking Apocalypse, the fast-paced throwback to the kind of old-school Spielberg action we all grew up on – coming to DVD on February 2, 2015 – we have a copy to giveaway courtesy of Studiocanal.

Think the Goonies meets Jurassic Park, or Indiana Jones with a Lord Of The Rings twist.

Fast-paced, gripping but most of all fun, Ragnarok is ridiculously entertaining. And, as a bonus extra, it’ll help Marvel fans swot up on viking mythology ahead of Thor: Ragnarok. So, exciting AND educational, what more could movie fans want?


Archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen has for years been obsessed with the Oseberg Viking ship. The only inscription found on the ship is the enigmatic ‘man knows little’ written in runes.

Sigurd is sure that the Oseberg ship contains the answer to the mystery of Ragnarok, the end of days in Norse mythology. When his friend Allan finds similar runes on a stone from the north of Norway, Sigurd becomes convinced that the runes are in fact a treasure map.

Together they mount an expedition group and their adventure leads to “No man’s Land” between Norway and Russia, which has been deserted for decades. Here Sigurd learns the true meaning of the runes – a secret more terrifying than he could possibly imagine.

Ragnorak, directed by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose, is available to order on Amazon today

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Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne - Preview

Seventh Sword

Preview by Jack Foley

PREPARE yourself for this medieval fantasy epic, as Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne comes to DVD and digital platforms from January 26, 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

In late 1300s Malta, five soldiers are returning home from battle, hungry and exhausted, when they stumble upon a fort. What was meant to be a one-night stopover rapidly escalates into a whirlwind of intrigue and an epic sword fight for retribution. Will a beautiful woman change their destiny? Or are they doomed to die in their quest to protect their land against invaders?

In a directorial debut from Raymond Mizzi, starring Andrei Claude (Fedz, Act I) and Joseph Calleja (The Immigrant), Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne depicts a thrilling fight for revenge in the heart of the Mediterranean.

In a film where Game of Thrones meets The Hobbit, fans will find themselves captivated by this unpredictable adventure.

Win Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne on DVD

To celebrate the release of Seventh Sword: Avenging The Throne on DVD on Monday, January 26, 2015, IndieLondon is offering readers the chance to win 1 of 3 copies. Simply answer the following question…

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What We Did On Our Holiday - DVD Review

What We Did On Our Holiday

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THE creators of hit BBC TV comedy Outnumbered turn their attention to the big screen with What We Did On Our Holiday, a hit-and-miss comedy that is ultimately saved by the performances of its game cast.

As with Outnumbered, this examines everyday family dynamics, no matter how dysfunctional, and divides its time between the stresses and strains of adulthood and the perceived innocence of childhood.

The story unfolds as Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) head up to the Scottish Highlands with their three children for a big family gathering to celebrate Doug’s father’s 75th birthday.

But matters are complicated by the fact that Doug and Abi are in the midst of a difficult divorce, which they want to keep secret, especially given that Doug’s father (played by Billy Connolly) has terminal cancer.

Hailed somewhat misleadingly as a feel-good family comedy, What We Did On Our Holiday is actually quite a bittersweet venture that has some unexpectedly dark twists in its make-up.

It’s also quite uneven in the way that it balances the comedy with the drama, often with the confines of a single scene. While the third act, in which everything gets speedily wrapped up for the ‘heart-warming finale’, feels rushed and hopelessly contrived – a big failing given the very real and spontaneous nature of the movie’s opening act.

That said, there is still much to enjoy, not least the chemistry between the cast members and some of the zingy one liners that are expertly delivered by the adults. Tennant and Pike build a believable relationship and do outraged and shocked very well, while Connolly dispenses pearls of wisdom in suitably thought-provoking fashion (making some valid points along the way).

The kids, too, are good value, especially early on when they repeatedly come out with lines to exasperate and bewilder the adults. It’s undoubtedly one of Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin’s great strengths in capturing the spontaneity of youth, as well as the way kids can land adults in trouble at the best of times with what they repeat and reveal.

It’s just a shame, therefore, that the film can’t maintain everything as it enters the last third. For having gone down a particularly dark path and opening up new, arguably unnecessary storylines, the film has trouble doing them all justice and struggles to recover the fresh and effortlessly enjoyable feeling of what had come before.

Certificate: 12A
Running time: 95mins
UK DVD & Blu-ray Release Date: January 26, 2015

A Walk Among The Tombstones - Liam Neeson DVD interview

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Compiled by Jack Foley

LIAM Neeson talks about making A Walk Among The Tombstones and why he enjoys doing action roles, so long as there’s a more relatable, human element to them.

Q: I’m wondering if you have the same kind of opinion of a lot of these guys you play, and what your hook was, what your ‘in’ was, to give this guy a different spin was, that made him so different for you to want to play?
Liam Neeson: I was just telling somebody earlier on, I’m just attracted to, since I was a kid in Ireland, watching Robert Mitchum on TV, or Steve McQueen, or Charles Bronson, to a certain extent. There’s just something very noble and damaged about those sort of American cinematic heroes. I just find them very appealing. So to get the chance to do this, this is very much one of those sorts of characters, you know? Not good in the relationship world, and tortured.

In Matt Scudder’s case, a recovering alcoholic, so, those guys, you know, they wake up in the morning, and they have to think of a reason to get up. And then once they’re up to not have a drink. All these little heroic battles they have, they fight with and against every day of their lives. And I think that Scott brought that out really beautifully in the film. So he’s not larger than life, he’s just one of us, really, but his career was in the police force, you know, and these guys see a part of humanity that we don’t want to deal with, on a daily basis.

Q: When I interviewed [director] Scott Frank earlier, he mentioned sometimes some character’s like yours have to find the worst in themselves, before they can find the best. I was wondering if you could comment on that, as part of your human role?
Liam Neeson: Did Scott say that? He probably would, he’s a writer. Yes, Scott had mentioned that to me, when we’d met, in the early days. I wanted to find some kind of research I could do, other than reading Larry’s book, Lawrence Block’s, books. I know some policemen, on the NYPD, and one of them I know very, very well. I was in to get access to documentaries on serial killers, and not just the crimes, but the police work that went into tracking them down, which was very, very fascinating. Any little minutiae of evidence they would find, and put it together with this, and does it connect, and oh my god, it does connect. That was fascinating, you know. I thought Scott had done that on a continual basis, and maybe, unbeknownst to himself, it brings out the good in him. Because I think he is a good, righteous old-fashioned kind of man. I think he has certain pillars of ethics that never change, even though he’s kind of fucked up in a lot of ways. But he’s essentially a good man, you know? I’m not really answering your question, am I?

Q: You are attracted to characters that are loners. Would you consider yourself a loner in real life?
Liam Neeson: I’d like to think I am, you know? No, I don’t think… No man’s an island, as they say. I’ve tried it – I’ve gone on various retreats in my life, for three or four days, and I get desperate to get out of there, and talk to somebody. But I fly-fish a lot, and I can do that really only by myself. I’m never lonesome, when I’m on the river, far from it, but it’s a lonely practice.

Q: So, your schedule’s been packed. You’ve been taking a lot of projects, recently. Your kids are probably on their way off to college, now, both are getting kind of close to college age. How do you balance all the work, with spending the time with the kids, and what support do you get, in terms of picking projects, and balancing that perfect life?
Liam Neeson: Oh yeah, I’ve got to. Mental note: must call. Listen, I have a great support team, I really do. Fantastic family… If I’m away on a project, my mother-in-law moves in. We’re sort of like chess pieces, you know? [Laughs]. But yes, it’s always a balance. I’m very fortunate to get to play these characters, at this stage in my life. I love doing it, and I’ll keep doing it as long as they keep sending me scripts, you know? And my kids are used to it. From when they were born – one of them was born on location. So they’re used to dad being away for certain periods of time. So far, it’s worked out okay. They’re not damaged.

Q: You’ve got some great action scenes in this. You take a couple of hits, you get a bloody nose… Do you like doing those action scenes, and is there a way that you keep yourself safe, from little bumps and bruises?
Liam Neeson: Well, I love doing them, and I have a great fight coordinator, who’s my stunt double too, called Mark Vanselow. We’ve done sixteen films now. So, we work very, very closely with each other. I don’t do my own stunts, but I do my own fighting and stuff. I love doing that stuff. Yeah, that’s always fun to do. In this film, it’s important to kind of make it real, it’s not that cinema fight stuff. We wanted to make it very dark and gruesome and ugly, you know? You don’t know where punches were coming from, and stuff – the way it would be in real life.

Q: Did you get any little bumps or bruises?
Liam Neeson: No, I haven’t, I haven’t. Occasionally you get a few knocks, but slap on the Arnica and it’s gone, you know?

Q: Do you have an exercise routine or special training to be ready for whatever role of action comes?
Liam Neeson: I keep pretty fit, in life. I would step up the regime, a couple of months before we start. I do a whole mixture of stuff; it’s not strictly this regime, or that regime. I do a lot of power walking. I use a lot of kettle bells. Do you know what they are? They’re great. Making a film, you do need stamina, whether you’re doing fight scenes or not. They’re long days, especially… Tombstones was set on eight weeks of night shoots, so you do need stamina for that work, so it’s important to keep fit, and I’m not talking about having perfect abs or stuff, but you have to be on top of your game, especially if you’re playing the lead. You have to be there, you know? It takes stamina. You have to look after yourself.

Q: What I really like about the flashback scene was that it establishes where this guy is. Where he is, at this point. Can you talk a little bit about doing this scene, because it’s kind of an extended scene, and we keep coming back to it. And secondly, I spoke with Maggie Grace about a week ago, and I asked her to sum you up in one word, and she came up with “goofy.”..
Liam Neeson: Goofy!? (Laughs.)

Q: I know, it surprised me, too. how would you sum yourself up in one word?
Liam Neeson: Goofy’s not bad. My daughter actually called me that. So I might have to agree with Maggie on that… But my daughter? Next time I’m going to give her away. Take her…

Q: Tell me a little bit about executing that flashback scene?
Liam Neeson: We shot it, I think it was two or three days. We had access to an area North of Manhattan. We had that whole set of steps, where the bad guy falls down and stuff. It was on a Saturday, and we shot that bar scene during that week. So it was really only two or three days of the wig, and all this stuff. And it was, I wanted to avoid that classic drunk… That’s really hard to do, to act drunk. But a functioning drunk, that’s a different thing. I tried to do a little thing, I hope it’s in the film, I haven’t seen it in some time. But when I follow the bad guy, when I come out of the bar, it’s like, “Oh, fuck, this is great.” But he’s had at least four whiskeys in him, now, and then that leads to the carelessness, and this horrible death.

So, there’s this ‘Action Jackson’ stuff, but it was very, very carefully choreographed. Scott was very, very careful about that stuff. Even if I ran, just how I would run? Would I run a straight line, or would I be a bit squiggly, after I’ve had these few drinks? And I thought, “No, he’s done this for years.” He’d run absolutely in a straight line, but in his head it might be a bit squiggly, you know? Well, anyway, that was that.

Q: I feel sometimes, a movie like this, like Tombstones, it will be ignored just because it has action in it. So may, people aside, do you get frustrated when great movies sometimes just get ignored?
Liam Neeson: The whole awards thing is, listen, I think they’re great. Why does the Golden Globes, the Academy, it puts a focus on the industry, and that focus translates into people buying tickets to see movies. Or download films. It keeps us all in work. So, I’m a big fan of award shows. But it takes a hell of a lot of money to mount a campaign for any film. So, a picture like The Grey, that came out in January, February, and then the closing date for that year’s consideration is December.

And it takes an awful lot of money to remind people again. To put a film out again. I think they showed The Grey in a couple of theaters here. It’s okay, it’s not really frustrating. What was it (the late) Lauren Bacall said: “Great medium. Lousy business.” It’s all right, it’s always been that way. And I think The Grey is a lovely film. I’m very, very proud of doing that, whether it wins awards or not. It doesn’t matter.

Q: You do a lot of thrillers. Your characters are always heroic, but your characters are always are VERY real people. It’s real things that could happen in real life. What is your take was on that? Do you always happen to fall into these characters because you’re so wonderful at it? Is there a specific reason why you choose these characters? Or is it just because you’re so good at it?
Liam Neeson: I was in my fifties when this Taken movie came out. I was sure it was just a straight-to-video, good little European thriller, well-made. And Fox Studios took it and did this amazing sell job, and they showed the trailer at big sporting events, and the film became a hit. I started to get sent these action scripts, in my fifties. It was very flattering, and I felt like a kid in a toy shop, and why not do them? But I always wanted to, I didn’t want to become like a 27-year-old, you know what I mean? I try, in some of these fight scenes, to fight as a fifty year old. Even though I’m 62, but… so, I’m not playing these superheroes, not the sort of super-hero type, you know? I just have always been attracted to that type of cinema hero as an adolescent, growing up in Ireland. Robert Mitchum springs to mind. Later on, it was Steve McQueen, and to a certain extent, Charles Bronson. Those types of grizzled characters, who have one foot on the side of law and order, and one foot in the bad guy’s camp. Do you know what I mean? Always treading a very delicate line. I just find them very appealing. It’s great to get a chance to do that, you know? I’m glad you think they’re real, because that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s not super-hero time.

A Walk Among The Tombstones is available on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, January 19, 2015, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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Before I Go To Sleep

Christine (Nicole Kidman, The Others) wakes up next to a man (Colin Firth, The King’s Speech) she does not recognise. Panic stricken, he slowly explains that he is her husband, and that she suffered a terrible accident that has given her amnesia.

Every morning, Christine wakes up a stranger, and every night her memories fade into nothing. With the help of Dr Nasch (Mark Strong, The Imitation Game), Christine is trying to regain her memory.

That is, until one day, when new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her, and what really happened to her on the day of her accident…

Before I Go To Sleep is available on Blu-ray and DVD from January 12, 2015.

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