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Ratchet & Clank - Preview

Ratchet & Clank

Preview by Jack Foley

TWO unlikely heroes must find the courage to battle an unstoppable force and save the universe in the animated adventure film Ratchet & Clank, available on Digital Download from August 19 and DVD from August 29, 2016 courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Based on the legendary gaming franchise, Ratchet & Clank follows Ratchet, a foolhardy Lombax and the last of his kind, who grows up all alone, desperate to make something of himself in the universe.

Upon meeting Clank, a pint-sized robot with more brains than brawn, the pair decides to band together and lead the quest to stop the evil alien, Chairman Drek, who has designs on using a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets and taking over the galaxy.

With the fate of the universe on their shoulders, this unlikely pair embarks on a whirlwind adventure through outer-space, where they learn about heroism, courage, and the importance of having a good friend by your side…

Featuring an impressive cast of voice talents including Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, James Arnold Taylor and Sylvester Stallone, Ratchet & Clank is a hilarious, intergalactic rocket ride for the whole family to enjoy! Now, let’s get ready to KICK SOME ASTEROID!

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Jane Got A Gun - DVD Review

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

NATALIE Portman’s Western got off to a terrible start when original director Lynne Ramsey left on the eve of production, prompting Gavin O’Connor to gamely step in amid raised hopes that he would bring the gritty style of his past work such as Warrior and Pride & Glory.

But while Jane Got A Gun certainly does have its moments, the overall film struggles to escape the feeling that it may have been doomed to fail from the start.

The premise has potential. Plucky rancher Jane Hammond (Portman) is confronted with a dilemma when her bullet-ridden, barely alive husband Bill ‘Ham’ Hammond (Noah Emmerich) drops off his horse just yards from their farm. Should she stand up and face her husband’s assailant, Colin (Ewan McGregor), alone or enlist the help of former lover and ex-soldier Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton)?

Given how the odds are stacked against her, Jane opts for the latter and is forced to confront both of their pasts while awaiting her showdown.

O’Connor’s film uses a classic High Noon-style device of waiting for the big confrontation but employs a more revisionist stance in its depiction of its heroes.

Hence, there’s a moral complexity at play whereby each character must assess the missteps that brought them to their current predicament.

But while exploring some decent ideas about regret and the emotional cost of war, there’s something missing. The script certainly isn’t stirring enough, while the lacklustre pace deprives the film of any real tension.

McGregor’s villain lacks any real presence, while even the final gunfight takes place at night (making it hard to see) and contains nothing memorable.

Portman and Edgerton do at least acquit themselves well but the film still struggles to hold much interest beyond counting down to the inevitable.

Once the dust has settled, Jane Got A Gun fades all too quickly from the memory. And that’s even more of a shame given that it’s that rare Western to boast a strong female lead.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 98mins
UK Blu-Ray and DVD Release: August 22, 2016

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High Rise

Preview by Jack Foley

1975. Two miles west of London, Dr Robert Laing moves into his new apartment seeking soulless anonymity, only to find that the building’s residents have no intention of leaving him alone.

Resigned to the complex social dynamics unfolding establish his position, Laing’s good manners and sanity disintegrate along with the building.

The lights go out and the lifts fail but the party goes on. People are the problem. Booze is the currency. Sex is the panacea.

Only much later, as he sits on his balcony eating the architect’s dog, does Dr Robert Laing finally feel at home.

High-Rise has a hugely impressive ensemble cast led by Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager, Thor) it includes; Sienna Miller (Burnt, Foxcatcher), Luke Evans (The Hobbit, Dracula Untold), Elisabeth Moss, Jeremy Irons (The Borgias, upcoming Batman V Superman), Keeley Hawes (Ashes to Ashes, The Hollow Crown), Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil, Lucky Man), James Purefoy (Rome, The Following), Peter Ferdinando (A Field in England) and Reece Shearsmith.

High-Rise comes to DVD and Blu-Ray this coming Monday, July 18, 2016. High-Rise is already available on all VOD platforms and will also be available in a limited edition SteelBook from August 8.

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A) Ben Wheatley
B) Susanne Bier
C) Milos Foreman

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Miles Ahead - Preview & clips

Miles Ahead

Preview by Jack Foley

DON Cheadle (Captain America: Civil War, Ocean’s Thirteen) captures the inherent musical brilliance of mercurial jazz genius Miles Davis in Miles Ahead, which arrives on digital platforms on August 15 and on Blu-ray and DVD from August 22, 2016, courtesy of Icon Film Distribution.

It’s 1979 and the world-renowned jazz musician Miles Davis is in a desperate rut. Miles hasn’t appeared publicly for six years and has not picked up a trumpet for three. His complete loss of musical inspiration, addiction to cocaine and alcohol, and chronic pain from a deteriorating hip have rendered him a virtual hermit, locked up in his wrecked Upper-West Side apartment in a deep depression.

Despite all this, the record company to which Miles is signed are attempting to claim ownership of a mysterious tape in Miles’ possession, supposedly containing brand new unheard content, and they are prepared to go to great lengths to get their hands on it.

Ewan McGregor (August: Osage County, Trainspotting 2) delivers a brilliant turn as vivacious Rolling Stone journalist Dave Braden, who catches wind of this tape and audaciously attempts to befriend Miles with the hope of securing a scoop on his comeback story.

However, the murky world of the music industry soon sucks Dave into Miles’ feud with the record company and before they know it they are caught up in a chaotic, gun-toting, car chase and a bitter battle for the ownership of Miles’ music.

Meanwhile, through periodic flashbacks we see how Miles’ erratic and addictive behaviour is fuelled by memories of his failed marriage to the talented and beautiful dancer Frances Taylor, played by the mesmerising Emayatzy Corinealdi (Middle of Nowhere, The Invitation).

Featuring a career defining performance by Oscar® nominee Don Cheadle, Miles Ahead was developed with passion and delicate reverence for Davis’ work. Cheadle co-wrote the script and makes a remarkable directorial debut, defying the conventions of the biopic genre to deliver a real treat for film and music fans alike.

Watch a clip: You Don’t Have To Stare

Watch another clip: Classical Music Uncensored

The Colony (Emma Watson/Daniel Bruhl) - Preview

The Colony

Preview by Jack Foley

ONE woman’s efforts to rescue her lover from a brutal cult, set to take her on a journey into the heart of darkness in Florian Gallenberger’s nerve-jangling thriller, The Colony.

Based on harrowing true events, the film is available to own on Digital HD from August 19 on Blu-ray and DVD from August 22, 2016 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

Set amidst the Chilean coup of 1973, The Colony begins by depicting the masses who are out on the street, protesting against General Pinochet. Amongst them are Daniel (Daniel Brühl – Rush, Captain America: Civil War) and Lena (Emma Watson – Harry Potter, The Bling Ring), a young couple who, like many others, get arrested by Pinochet’s secret police for producing propaganda against the regime.

Following his arrest, Daniel finds himself trapped in a secret interrogation camp located beneath the infamous Colonia Dignidad; a German sect under the leadership of the notorious, charismatic and unflinching Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, John Wick).

Presenting itself as a charitable mission, the Colonia is in fact a place of brutality and terror that nobody has ever escaped from. Desperate to rescue her boyfriend, Lena infiltrates the cult and witnesses the true darkness of Schäfer’s regime before she attempts a dramatic escape that puts both their lives on the line.

Also starring Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey, Person Of interest), The Colony places a microscope over one of history’s lesser known atrocities and also gives fans the chance to see an incendiary Watson as she’s never been seen before.

Filmed with input from real-life survivors of the Colonia Dignidad, Florian Gallenberger’s thriller is a sobering, taut must-own this summer.

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Win a DVD copy of Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Preview by Jack Foley

TO celebrate the Home Entertainment release of Terrence Malick’s spell-binding drama Knight Of Cups, we have 2 DVD copies to giveaway.

Rick (Christian Bale) is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles. While successful in his career, his life feels empty.

Haunted and confused, he finds temporary solace in the decadent Hollywood excess that defines his existence. Women provide a distraction to his daily pain, and every encounter brings him closer to finding his place in the world.

From Terrence Malick, the visionary director of The Tree of Life and To The Wonder, and starring Academy Award® winners Christian Bale (The Big Short, The Fighter, The Dark Knight Rises), Cate Blanchett (Carol, Blue Jasmine) and Natalie Portman (Black Swan, Thor), comes a stunning meditation on love, fate and fame.

Knight of Cups also stars Golden Globe® nominated Antonio Banderas (The Skin I Live In, Desperado), BAFTA® nominated Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire, Immortals) and Imogen Poots (Filth, Need For Speed).

Knight Of Cups is available to own on Digital Download from August 15 and on DVD and Blu-ray on August 22, 2016.

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Q. Which Terrence Malick film did Christian Bale also star in?

A) The Thin Red Line
B) The New World
C) To The Wonder

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Watch a clip from Knight of Cups

Eye In The Sky - DVD Review

Eye In The Sky

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

THE moral and ethical complexity of modern warfare is skilfully exposed in Gavin Hood’s Eye In The Sky, which already rates as one of the most important films of our time.

The premise is ripped straight from the headlines, tackling as it does drone strikes and how to effectively combat extremism without doing more damage to the values we are striving to protect.

As the real-time scenario picks up, a group of high priority terrorist targets are convening at a house in Kenya under the watchful eye of Colonel Katherine Powell (Dame Helen Mirren), who is poised to put into play a capture mission.

Things quickly take a more complicated turn, however, when surveillance also reveals the presence of suicide bombers being suited up inside, changing the parameters of the mission from capture to kill. But then a young local girl, aged nine, starts selling bread outside of the house, placing her within any potential blast radius.

The ensuing film switches between Mirren’s command centre, a specially convened meeting of Cobra chaired by Mirren’s superior (Alan Rickman) and including the British attorney general (Richard McCabe), the Vegas control room where the drone pilots led by US pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) are awaiting their orders, and the militant-controlled streets of Nairobi, where operatives on the ground are trying to get more intelligence.

It’s a tense scenario, intelligently played with an eye to ensuring that the various decisions are as accurate as possible. And this is where the film excels.

Far from moralising over the issue itself, the film takes a mostly impartial view that passes responsibility for its ultimate show of loyalty to the viewers themselves. It’s very much for you to decide what the right call is: is the life of one girl worth more than the lives of potentially 80 people or more if the mission is not completed?

Guy Hibbert’s screenplay is also terrific at exposing the arguments for and against, thereby touching on issues such as propaganda, political and legal culpability, social and personal conscience and the emotional cost of war. It’s a moral quagmire and one that capably exposes the complexity of the war against terror.

Hood, for his part, keeps the pace taut without resorting to grand-standing sequences, thereby allowing his actors the chance to shine. Mirren, as ever, excels as the steely Colonel (in a role originally written for a man), remaining resolute when all around her seek to pass the buck, while the likes of Jeremy Northam, Aarol Paul, McCabe and Monica Dolan all weigh in with nuanced performances, as if to underline the taxing nature of their roles.

But special mention deserves to go to Barkhad Abdi (so good in Captain Phillips) as one of the operatives on the ground in Nairobi, whose own safety is continually compromised in a bid to keep the mission alive, as well as to the late, great Alan Rickman, whose final performance offers another wonderful showcase of his remarkable [and much missed] talent.

His Lieutenant General Frank Benson journeys from awkward everyman attempting to buy a children’s present to intelligent and sometimes ruthless manipulator as he manoeuvres the fate of the young girl. And yet, in one of the film’s most striking exchanges, he issues one of its most telling lines: “Never tell a soldier he doesn’t understand the cost of war.” It is a potent line, masterfully delivered, that in one small moment captures all that was great about Rickman’s skill as an actor.

Eye In The Sky therefore rates as essential viewing: difficult, challenging, even sobering… it refuses to let the viewer off the hook. But for anyone with their own eye on current events, it explores issues that cannot and should not be ignored.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 1hr 42mins
UK Blu-ray and DVD Release: August 15, 2016

Identicals - Preview


Preview by Jack Foley

SIMON Pummel’s stunning new sci-Fi film Identicals is released on DVD and On Demand on Monday, August 15, 2016.

The dynamic film stars Lachlan Nieboer (Cross of Honour, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman) and Nora-Jayne Noone (The Descent, The Magdalene Sisters, Savage).

The film follows an organization, Brand New-U, which identifies networks of Identicals – people who walk like you, talk like you, but are walking through different, better lives.

Slater (Lachlan Nieboer) seems to have the perfect life, the perfect job and the perfect girlfriend.

But when Slater’s girlfriend is abducted by Brand New-U, he is forced to become an Identical. As he moves through a series of parallel lives, he becomes more and more obsessed with finding his girlfriend, but what he must find in the end is himself.

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Tank 432 - Preview

Tank 432

Preview by Jack Foley

To celebrate the release of the unnerving, surreal, and gut-wrenchingly tense Tank 432 – out on DVD and Download on August 22, 2016 – we have a copy on DVD to giveaway!

From executive producer Ben Wheatley (director of Kill List and High-Rise) comes this knife-edged thriller about a gang of mercenary soldiers who take cover in an abandoned bulldog tank – only to find the real enemy is within.

Written and directed by long-time Wheatley collaborator Nick Gillespie (Sightseers, A Field In England), and starring Rupert Evans (Hellboy), Michael Smiley (Kill List) and April Pearson (Skins), Tank 432 is the next chapter in their very British brand of terror.

“A heady blend of Dog Soldiers and Jacob’s Ladder” Sight & Sound

“Tense, atmospheric & enthralling” Hey U Guys

“Gripping, claustrophobic and intense.” SciFiNow

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On the run and with nowhere to hide, a group of mercenaries find themselves surrounded by an unidentified enemy. As gunfire hails down and their mysterious pursuers begin to close in, they must keep moving to find safe shelter.

The only chance of survival is to hide inside an abandoned tank discovered by inexperienced soldier, Reeves (Rupert Evans). Once holed up inside the tank, they quickly discover the hatch is jammed and there is no way out.

As the mercenaries begin their desperate search for anything that may aid their escape, they fall upon a shocking discovery: confidential files on dozens of soldiers; all listed as missing in action. Within those listed, are their own names.

As discoveries are made inside the tank and they struggle to keep forces outside at bay, little do they realise the real enemy is already amongst them, locked inside Tank 432.

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The Wave - Preview

The Wave

Preview by Jack Foley

To celebrate the release of the thunderous nerve-wracker disaster movie The Wave – on DVD & Blu-ray on August 15, 2016 – we have teamed up with StudioCanal UK to giveaway a copy on Blu-ray!

From director Roar Uthaug (currently helming the new Tomb Raider reboot starring Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander!), The Wave pulls no punches as it destroys a picturesque Norwegian town with a 300 foot tsunami.

In the vein of classic disaster movies, The Wave pits an ordinary man against the fury of nature as he tries to save and reunite his family, resulting in frame after frame of edge-of-your-seat action.

“One of the best disaster movies in years” GamesRadar+

“Puts Hollywood disaster movies to shame.” Perri Nemiroff, Collider

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In 1905, a tsunami devastates a small mountain town. Scientists know it will happen again. It’s only a matter of when.

As one man prepares to move from his hometown with his family, his worst nightmare is about to come true. The siren goes off and the disaster is inevitable.

With less than 10 minutes to react, it becomes a race against time in order to save as many as possible including his own family.

The Wave is one of the most impressive and heart-stopping disaster films in years, with spectacular action sequences that grip you from start to finish.

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