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24 renewed until 2009 as revamp promised

24, Season 5, starring Kiefer Sutherland

Story by Jack Foley

AMERICA’S Fox network has announced that it has picked up real-time drama Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 for two more seasons despite the backlash surrounding season six.

The deal means that the Emmy-winning drama – a co-production between Real Time Productions, Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox TV – will keep Jack Bauer saving the day until its 2008-09 season.

But the show will undergo a revamp, or re-creation, as critics continue to suggest that the sixth season has lost its way somewhat.

Announcing his intentions, Howard Gordon, executive producer, told the Hollywood Reporter: “We’re re-creating the series. It’s going to be a real-time thriller. Beyond that, it’s an open book.”

However, he stopped short at agreeing with criticisms surrounding the current series, describing some of the more scathing reviews as “unfair”.

“On balance, it was a very successful season,” he maintained ahead of the two-hour season finale that’s due to air this week.

But the re-invention had been on the agenda for some time and day seven will see Sutherland’s Jack Bauer returning with mostly new cast members and a new, non Los Angeles location.

He even hinted that the story could be told from two locations, as well as suggesting that some surviving characters might also crop up from time to time.

24 has endured something of a tempestuous time since winning five Emmys for its critically-acclaimed fifth season.

The show has been accused of losing its way creatively and got embroiled in a row concerning the over-use of torture as a dramatic device.

But Gordon is confident it will come back stronger than ever for day seven.

Along with 24, Fox has also renewed House, Prison Break and Bones for further seasons.

  1. Great news! OK, so season six hasn’t been the best but previous “dud” seasons have generally found the writers coming back stronger. Season 3 was weak, but look what followed. One can only await the revamp with tingling anticipation…

    Len    May 16    #