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24: Season 5 - Kim Raver interview

Kim Raver in 24

Compiled by Jack Foley

24 STAR Kim Raver, aka Audrey Raines, talks about appearing in the fifth season of the real-time drama, as well as the unique experience of appearing alongside Kiefer Sutherland…

Q: Has 24 changed your professional life?
A: Um, it’s changed my professional life enormously and I think on so many different levels. I think as an actor, and not to sound corny or saccharine, but working with Kiefer is really a unique experience.

Q: Why?
A: Well, first of all, he’s an incredibly gifted actor. And everything we do when we’re working on a scene, for him, is about the work. He’s really passionate about the work. It’s not just like: “Oh, I’m going to come in and do my job.” When he’s working on a scene, his instincts are so right on and he trusts them and goes for them. There’s just a feeling of trust that I could just kind of go for it with him.

Q. What do you admire about your character, Audrey?
A. She’s this real mix of all of these different things. She’s not perfect, she’s somewhat flawed. And I think that makes her, hopefully, accessible.

Q: Do you see yourself in your character?
A: Well, there’s always part of me in any character that I’m playing. But she’s also different because it’s a heightened day in the life of this person and it’s about seeing how these people reveal who they are within that day. I’m sure there’s qualities of me in her. What I like about Audrey is that she’s such a full character; she’s very specific and very sort of multi-layered.

Q: What do you have lined up for the summer?
A. I just finished a film. It’s Ben Stiller’s new comedy, Night at the Museum.

Q. What do you play in that?
A. I play his ex-wife.

Q: What’s it about?*
A. Well, Ben Stiller’s character becomes a night watchman at the museum and the entire museum come alive. So it’s kind of like a… you know, you’ve got dinosaurs and all of the dioramas come to life and come out in the middle of winter in Central Park, and it’s an unbelievable cast. It’s got Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke and Ben is one of the funniest people.

Q. So are you kind of like the straight man to his comedian?
A: Yeah, exactly, but also Paul Rudd plays my fiance. So, literally the two of them are so funny, I thought, you know, I’ve got to get back to 24. I can’t get through this. It was so funny. So it was a great kind of break. And a great release, just really fun to do.

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