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24: Season 6 trailer unveiled

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24

Story by Jack Foley

A TEASER trailer featuring scenes from the sixth season of Emmy-award winning real-time drama 24 has been unveiled to fans in America.

The new season is due to be aired on US TV on January 14, 2007, as part of a special four-hour season opener.

But to heighten anticipation surrounding the series its creators, Twentieth Century Fox, premiered a special extended Day Six trailer in Times Square, New York, on a giant Astrovision screen.

And the action looks to be just as explosive as we’ve come to expect with a real humdinger of a central storyline.

What we see from the trailer is that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has managed to escape his Chinese captors and is back in America attempting to thwart another imminent threat to national security.

However, a number of US cities have already been targeted by a series of terrorist attacks and will only cease if Jack sacrifices himself.

Cue, all manner of frantic running around, Jack pledging to the new US president to act for the good of the country, and various CTU regulars looking stoney-faced and desperate for some answers.

Bauer, himself, is also witnessed arriving back in the US with a beard and long hair, before being handed over to his would-be terrorist assassins for a spot of torture.

Whether or not the series can maintain the outstanding quality of season 5 remains to be seen but on the evidence of the trailer alone, the omens appear to be good.

It’s also good to have Jack’s return so imminent…

Watch the trailer