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5Girls - Review


Review by Richard Goodwin

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Making Of Featurette.

In a nutshell: Sub-Buffy hokum as five delinquent girls are sent to a convent school after showing paranormal abilities only to find something evil walks on the third floor.

What we say: Alex (Jennifer Miller) is sent to St Mark’s Convent School by her father after showing signs of paranormal behaviour. The school is run by the authoritarian Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde) and spiritual guidance is provided by Father Drake (Ron Perlman).

But Alex soon begins to see visions of a girl who disappeared at the school years before who seems intent on leading her to the mysterious third floor.

It soon becomes apparent that the other girls at St Mark’s also have paranormal abilities, and they set out to discover what lurks on the mystery floor. The girls must utilise their powers to battle the evil as a desperate fight for survival ensues.

The film is directed adequately enough with a few genuine jumps and creepy moments, but it’s with the script that the problems begin.

Only Ron Perlman emerges with any credit spouting daft dialogue with a strange sincerity. The veteran actor provides gravitas and an assured performance in the face of one of the most cliché-ridden scripts in recent memory.

The rest of the cast attempt to keep a straight face delivering the dialogue but beyond Perlman the acting is average at best.

Any sense of atmosphere is effectively ruined by wholly unnecessary college rock montages in what appears to be an attempt to reach out to the MTV generation.

There are also some embarrassing attempts to be sexy, such as a spanking scene and every opportunity to show the girl’s in their underwear.

The use of religious symbolism (pentagrams and ancient languages) is heavy-handed and appears to have come from the Ladybird book of demonology.

There are knowing attempts at humour throughout the film, mainly focusing on the banter between the girls, but this also seems forced and there isn’t enough chemistry between the girls to make this work.

The end result is a film that appears to be attempting to marry The Exorcist with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, I guess it has succeeded – it’s as scary as Buffy and as fun as The Exorcist!

Certificate: 15
Running time: 93mins