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A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures

A Turtle's Tale

Review by Jack Foley

YOUNG children will doubtless find A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures an enthralling and impossibly cute animated experience. Adults, however, may find that it lacks a certain [Pixar] magic.

Inspired by one of director Ben Stassen’s own holiday experiences of seeing the everyday perils faced by sea turtles, the film follows a character named Sammy (voiced by Dominic Cooper) from his birth in 1959 to the present day as he witnesses the world-changing events of the past 50 years, including the threats posed by global warming and man-made disasters.

It also includes elements of romance (with fellow turtle Shelly, voiced by Gemma Arterton) and friendship (with the numerous fellow sea creatures he meets throughout his travels).

Admittedly, Stassen’s film looks beautiful and makes good use of 3D, providing viewers of all ages with an underwater environment to rival Pixar’s work on films like Finding Nemo.

But Domonic Paris’ screenplay sometimes feels heavy-handed in its approach to message-making and lacks the out-and-out charm of many of its animated contemporaries.

Hence, while really young viewers will be swayed by the cuteness inherent in the turtles themselves, older ones may find the journey becoming a little drawn out and lacking in ingenuity (a criticism levelled at the similarly themed Animals United).

The straight-forward and over-earnest nature of many of the characters also becomes a little grating, too, allowing the film to suffer by comparison to some of the more colourful creations we’ve come to enjoy within the animated genre.

Sometimes, being cute and of noble intent just isn’t enough!

Certificate: U
Running time: 86mins
UK DVD & Blu-ray Release: July 18, 2011