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American Hot Babes - Preview

American Hot Babes

Preview by Jack Foley

IN THE outrageous comedy American Hot Babes buddies Carl (Brendan Hines) and Lester (Chris Pratt), enter a video booth and find themselves magically transported to an alternate dimension where the entire world has taken on the traits of an adult film.

As they struggle to find a way home and, ironically, struggle with the impossible task of getting laid, uptight Carl and easygoing Lester enlist the help of a plethora of peculiar characters such as gangster Busta Nut (Tracy (30 Rock) Morgan), sorority house mother Autumn Bliss (Denise Richards) and club bouncer Summa Eve (Kim Kardashian) to help them on their journey.

American Hot Babes, the Extreme Uncut Edition, is released on DVD on February 22, 2010 (Cert 15, running time 90mins).