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Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging - Steve Jones interview

Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging

Interview by Rob Carnevale

STEVE Jones talks about making his acting debut in Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging and gives us the lowdown on his perfect technique for snogging… even though his first-ever attempt didn’t prove successful!

Q. How did you become involved with Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging?
Steve Jones: It was last October, I think, I got a phone call from my agent who said we’d had a phone call from Gurinder Chadha’s people. I said: “Oh, have you?” And they said: “Yes, they’d like you to come along and audition for a small part in a new film.” So I said: “Yes, I’d love to, why not?” I mean who doesn’t want to be in a film? So I went along to the audition and was in a room full of actors… I recognised a lot of them and was immediately paranoid thinking: “Oh God, what are they thinking? You’re only a presenter, this isn’t for you.” But I went into the room and evidently nailed it and am now in a Gurinder Chadha movie, which I’m hugely proud to be part of.

Q. Has it given you the acting bug?
Steve Jones: Yeah. I enjoyed the process. It’s very different to what I’m used to. I’m very hands-on with my presenting projects. I’ll co-write the scripts I work on and try different things. But with acting it’s very much: “No, just say what’s on the script.” So, you’re like: “OK, I’m not used to that….” It’s a different process but it was no less fun. There’s a lot of waiting around and I wasn’t prepared for that. Again, with presenting, if you’re waiting around you’re working on the script, asking: “What can you do to make this funny? Or how could this be better?” But with a film it’s like: “Well, I know my lines because there’s like five of them.” So, right I’ll just chill here for the next eight hours [laughs]. But again, the cast were great so that wasn’t painful anyway. So yeah, I would definitely do more acting but I’m not going to say I am in case it doesn’t happen and that way I’ll avoid disappointment.

Q. You’re playing a handyman, so how handy are you around the house?
Steve Jones: Not at all. I’m absolutely useless. I was saying earlier that I could kill myself wallpapering. I’m not in any way gifted. I’m not technological, I’m not DIY, I just do TV. That’s about the range of my talents.

Q. Did you find yourself going down the gym to buff up?
Steve Jones: Do you know I did because I knew I was going to have my top off and I had a little bit of time, so I hit the gym pretty hard. You don’t want to be in a film, you know [gestures bursting over his trousers], so I went to the gym and kind of caught the gym bug. I haven’t stopped going to the gym since. I’ve worked really, really hard since then and I think I’m a little more streamline since the film. So, yeah, I love the gym. The film gave me the joy of the gym.

Q. There’s a lot of snogging in the film. Did it bring back memories of your own first kiss?
Steve Jones: Um, my own first kiss was pretty horrific… my first proper one. I mean, you tried the frenchy and I remember licking the roof of the girl’s mouth and her going: “What the hell are you doing?” I said: “I thought that’s what people do.” But they don’t, and we didn’t continue to do it. So yeah, it was pretty awful but they always are, aren’t they? I mean what was yours like?

Q: Awkward….
Steve Jones: Yeah, they always are. But now, though, years later… smooth.

Q. Were you a bit of a kiss consultant then? Did people come to you for advice on the set?
Steve Jones: I could give advice on kissing. I’m pretty good at the kissing bit. You just take your time, work your way around the mouth, utilise the whole mouth… but don’t lick the roof of the mouth, though. A lot of people make that mistake, so don’t do it!

Q. How are you finding being on this side of the camera for the interview process, as opposed to asking the questions?
Steve Jones: It’s the strangest thing in the world. It’s so strange. I prefer to be in the driving seat because I do what you do and ask the questions. That’s the way it’s always been and I’m not really feel comfortable under the microscope. I don’t really enjoy people asking me questions… I don’t know why, I just don’t. But I am enjoying this. It’s fun. I haven’t enjoyed the lack of preparation. I just walk into a room, sit down and just ramble on. It’s great. But I’m not getting paid millions for this, which is a shame.

Q. Who have been your own favourite interviews and worst interviews?
Steve Jones: The best is the one and only… the biggest star in the world, Will Smith. He’s a fantastic man and I mean a fantastic man, not just a great actor. The worst recently… Christian Bale was a bit off for Batman, The Dark Knight. [He was] just not that talkative – very monosyllabic. I said to him: “I thought you grew up in Wales, why are you speaking in an American accent?” And he was like: “I’m not.” I said: “You are a little bit, aren’t you….” But he replied: “Hey man, I haven’t heard my own voice in 15 years, OK?” So, I was like: “OK, well thanks for talking to us…” Try and have some fun Christian!

Q. Do you have a wish list of people you’d still like to interview?
Steve Jones: Do you know I’ve done everybody now, I think. There isn’t anybody left. I’ve done all of the ones I’ve wanted to do and most of the ones I’ve wanted to do I haven’t really thought about until I’m in the room doing them. Maybe Anthony Hopkins… I wouldn’t mind interviewing him, because I like him – and Al Pacino. I love their voices.

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