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Antiviral - Preview & trailer


Preview by Jack Foley

INJECT some celebrity into your life and take a magnified look at our public obsession with celebrity culture as Antiviral is released on DVD and digital download from February 11, 2013.

Antiviral marks the directorial debut of Brandon Cronenberg, son of legendary filmmaker David Cronenberg, and features two hot rising stars in Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men: First Class, Contraband) and Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis, A Dangerous Method) alongside veteran of the screen, Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, The Artist).

Having received positive reactions at Cannes, Toronto International and the London Film Festivals, Antiviral has steadily been infecting the minds of ‘Bodyshock’ fans.

Syd March (Landry Jones) is an employee at The Lucas Clinic – a company that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to fans who wish to fulfil their obsessive desire for real intimacy with their idols.

As well as working for them, Syd also supplements his income by smuggling viruses out of the clinic in his own body in order to sell them on the black market. Constantly ill and losing his edge, Syd becomes careless and infects himself with an unusual virus carried by superstar Hannah Geist (Gadon).

When the news breaks that Hannah has died, Syd realises that the virus running rampant in his system will soon kill him too. Hallucinating and struggling to remain in control, Syd must race to solve the mystery surrounding Hannah’s death if he has any hopes to avoid suffering the same fate.

As a first year film student Brandon Cronenberg developed a serious case of the flu. The illness proved to be the perfect Petri dish for the incubation of Antiviral.

“During a feverish dream, I became obsessed with the physicality of illness, by the fact that what was infecting my body and my cells had come from someone else,” the director recalls.

“It’s a weirdly intimate connection. I began to understand how someone like an ardent fan, might see this kind of connection to the object of their fascination as desirable. The intimacy of that link seemed like a good platform to explore celebrity obsession.”

Experience bodyshock at its finest when Antiviral is released on DVD and digital download from February 11, 2013.

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Watch the trailer:

Certificate: 15
Running time: 103mins
UK DVD Release: February 11, 2013