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Basket Case: The Trilogy - Preview

Basket Case trilogy

Preview by Jack Foley

SECOND Sight is delighted to announce the re-release of two seminal horror Blu-rays Re-Animator and Basket Case: The Trilogy on March 14, 2016, both come in black case classic packaging and are packed full of outstanding special features.

One of the essential repeat rentals for any self-respecting horror fan in the early 1980s, Frank Henenlotter’s cult classic Basket Case and the gloriously psychotic sequels it spawned are collected together in one of the most twisted and enjoyable horror trilogies ever made.

Now, the wonderfully warped films will be released as Basket Case – The Trilogy in a three-disc standard case, complete with a basket load of bonus features.

What’s in the basket? A question Duane Bradley is asked alot when he arrives in New York and checks into the sleazy Hotel Broslin, a place filled with drunks, odd-bods and prostitutes. We soon discover the answer; inside is his grotesquely deformed brother Belial.

Separated at birth in a brutal operation the Siamese twins have come looking for revenge on the doctors that left Belial for dead and now the basket-dweller is ready to wreak blood-soaked carnage.

Where the original classic ends, the sequels pick up and things start to get really deranged when the brothers meet their long lost aunt ‘Granny Ruth’ and her houseful of freaks.

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