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Buried Alive - Preview

Buried Alive

Preview by Jack Foley

BURIED Alive is a terrifying teen slasher movie, packed full of sex, shocks and supernatural horror. It’s available to own and rent on DVD from June 9, 2008, through Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Starring the legendary horror star Tobin Bell (Jigsaw in Saw), this chilling fright fest is a must own for horror fans!

A group of six lustful college friends, including a couple of sorority girls and a nerd, pile into a convertible for a road trip to a remote abandoned house. The night of extreme dares, crazy pranks and wild partying soon becomes rammed full of sheer horror as the teens fight for their lives against a vengeful demon.

It emerges that this demon, hell bent on revenge, was cruelly entombed on the property years earlier and will stop at nothing to get payback for this immoral act. Faced with this do the teens stand any chance of survival?!

Buried Alive co-stars Leah Rachel as Rene and Erin Lokitz as Laura and is directed by Robert Kutzman (of Wishmaster fame).

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