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Charlie Chaplin classics to be released on DVD

The Great Dictator

Preview by Jack Foley

ON MAY 10, 2010, two of Charlie Chaplin’s most revered works, The Kid and The Great Dictator are released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Great Dictator is a celebrated political satire which tells the story of a young Jewish Barber (Chaplin) who is caught in a plane crash during the First World War.

After 20 years in hospital the Barber is horrified to discover that his country is under the rule of fascist dictator Adenoid Hynkel (Chaplin); who bears a remarkable resemblance to the Barber.

With Hynkel ready to invade his neighbouring country Osterlich with his fascist ally Benzino Napaloni (Jack Oakie), will the Barber be able to spread his message of world peace before the bombs and tanks are deployed?

The Great Dictator can be ordered on DVD and Blu-Ray from the following link

The Kid may also be order from this link

The Kid is widely regarded as one of Chaplin’s finest works and sees him tread the fine line between hilarious comedy and poignant drama beautifully in this masterpiece of silent cinema.

Charles Chaplin stars as The Tramp, a hapless conman who adopts a boy given away by his down and out mother. Years later the boy’s mother seeks him out after making her fortune as an opera singer.

Without his mother the boy has followed his surrogate’s footsteps into haphazard criminality, the two dodge and dive around the city narrowly avoiding the law. When the boy’s mother puts up a reward for her son’s return, The Tramp finds he is betrayed by all around and the boy is taken from him.