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City of Life & Death - Preview

City of Life And Death

Preview by Jack Foley

ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 historical war drama City of Life and Death is released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Nanjing, China 1937. Japanese forces invade this once-capital of the Republic of China on December 9th.

Throughout the following six weeks, soldiers raped thousands of women and annihilated hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians – with mass executions; crowds mown down by firing squads, and victims digging their own graves.

Few events carry the ugly and sickening connotations of what has become known as the ‘Rape of Nanking’.

Director Lu Chuan tells the horrifying story through several figures, including a conscience-stricken Japanese soldier and John Rabe, a Nazi businessman who would ultimately save thousands of Chinese civilians’ lives.

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