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Civilization: Is The West History? - Preview

Civilization: Is The West History?

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM leading historian and author of the highly acclaimed The World’s Banker, The War of the World and The Ascent of Money comes Civilization: Is The West History? Out on DVD on April 11, 2011.

In this six-part series, Niall Ferguson asks why it was that Western civilization, from inauspicious roots in the 15th century, came to dominate the rest of the world — and if the days of Western ascendency are now coming to an end. Is the West about to be overtaken by the rest?

This fascinating series begins by revealing what Niall has coined the six ‘killer applications’ or founding elements which manifested the West’s success.

These six killer applications: Competition; Science; Property; Medicine; Consumerism and Work are in Niall’s view the real explanation of how for five centuries a clear minority of mankind managed to secure the lion’s share of the earth’s resources.

Follow Niall as he explains the secrets behind Western civilization’s downfall and its eventual loss of self belief.

Civilization: Is The West History? is out to own on DVD from April 11, 2011.