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Cry Wolf - Review

Cry Wolf

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

FROM its title and certificate alone horror buffs would do well to avoid this blunt chiller which offers plenty of teases without really satisfying.

British actor Julian Morris plays Owen, a fish-out-of-water student with a reputation for trouble who finds himself having to make a fast good impression at the elite Westlake Prep school that offers him his last shot at a good education.

Sadly, he arrives the same weekend a girl is murdered in the woods and soon finds himself enlisted by the school’s resident Liars’ Club who want to have some fun with the crime.

Under the leadership of Dodger (Lindy Booth), the club resolves to spread an email rumour that a serial killer was responsible and that he plans to strike again, thereby creating a climate of fear at the school.

But as they sit back and enjoy the mischief of their own making it becomes apparent that a serial killer may in fact be operating in the vicinity who takes offence to the email.

When students start to go missing, it isn’t long before the finger of suspicion begins to point at Owen.

Cry Wolf has the potential to be a smart little indie horror film yet squanders much of its potential from the outset.

Most of the characters are cliched and conform to standard horror stereotypes, while several of the scenarios feel either contrived or nonsensical.

The lack of genuine chills or any real gore also serves to reduce first-time director Jeff Wadlows’ film to something of a lightweight affair.

And while the twists are designed to be clever, the observant will see them coming, making the resolution nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is.

Cry Wolf is therefore a toothless affair that audiences ought not to be fooled by.

Certificate: 12A
Running time: 90mins