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CSI: Miami - Season 2

Cast of CSI: Miami

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FANS of the Miami-based crime series, CSI: Miami will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that the complete second season – all 24 episodes – is now available to buy on DVD.

And Season 2 takes up pretty much where Season 1 left off. The team are the same – led, of course, by Horatio Caine, NYPD Blue’s David Caruso.

Having said that, it’s well-worth noting that he’s taken the role of Caine and, with a subtle mix of compassion and determination, given the character a credibility that will be remembered long after his NYPD persona – whose name I have forgotten.

Storylines are as hard-hitting as ever and deal with the less seemly side of Miami life; the side seldom, if ever, seen by tourists. Among topics given the CSI treatment this time around, are Cuban refugees (Blood Moon), the paparazzo ( Stalkerazzi), plastic surgery (Complications) and a hurricane (Hurricane Anthony).

And although we learn little more about the CSIs themselves, the relationship between Horatio and Yelina (Sofia Milos) is expanded – in Blood Brothers, Big Brother and Money for Nothing.

And it’s in Big Brother that Horatio makes a startling discovery, one that puts additional strain on an already tenuous relationship.

In the same episode, Calleigh uses superglue to seal a wound – not as implausible as it sounds. Superglue was, in fact, created by the US Military for use in Vietnam. Its purpose – to quickly close wounds.

Watch out too, for a surprise of a very different kind for the normally unflappable Alexx (Khandi Alexander) in the episode entitled Rap Sheet. It’s one that inevitably makes her question her competence as a coroner.

It’s Season 2, of course, that introduces the second spin-off of the CSI franchise – CSI: New York – when, in the penultimate episode, MIA/NYC, Horatio follows a suspect to New York.

With its intriguing mix of high-powered technology and human emotion, original storylines and excellent cast, CSI: Miami certainly justifies its popularity. I just hope that Channel Five’s over-indulgence of the whole CSI phenomenon doesn’t spoil that.