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CSI: Miami - Season 4, Part 2

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

HORATIO Caine is a man of relatively few words so it’s sometimes difficult to gauge the true depth of his feelings. That he cares is as plain as the nose on your face although to what extent is as perplexing as the Mona Lisa’s smile.

And in Season 4, Part 2 of CSI: Miami, this is played out to great effect and with remarkable skill by David Caruso. For it’s in Season 4 that his relationship with Marisol (Alana De La Garza) develops, before reaching its shocking conclusion in the penultimate episode Rampage – although the repercussions do, in fact, spill over into Season 5.

I have to admit the relationship surprised me somewhat; I might even go so far as to say it made me a little uneasy. And it certainly gave Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), who is of course Marisol’s brother, one more reason to look mean and moody – but doesn’t he do it well!!

There’s also Delko’s uneasy relationship with Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo). True, they ‘made up’ early on in Season 4 but that was before both men fell for the charms of Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) – there was even a pregnancy scare – and before she was unexpectedly exposed as the lab mole (One Of Our Own).

Furthermore, Gloria (Kim Director), Delko’s ex-girlfriend, causes all kinds of problems (though not quite on a bunny boiling scale!) for among others, Marisol, whom she misguidedly thinks has married Eric.

But I digress – the whole Caine/Marisol relationship is played out against an ongoing investigation involving the Mala Noche gang which re-surfaces mid-way through the season in an episode entitled Silencer. And it is, of course, the Mala Noche who are ultimately responsible for the relationship’s unhappy conclusion.

Calleigh (Emily Procter) also finds herself dealing with an ex-boyfriend, Peter Elliott from the US Treasury Office (Michael B Silver), when he becomes involved in a case (Free Fall). But in an intriguing twist, it’s Elliott himself who comes under increasing pressure in the season finale.

As always, CSI: Miami delivers first class entertainment – strong performances and hard-hitting storylines – so can be forgiven for the odd inconsistency. Besides, like its fellow CSIs, it has maintained its individuality which, considering the common premise, is quite an achievement. Needless to say, Season 4, Part 2 comes highly recommended.

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