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CSI: Miami - Season 5, Part 1

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

FIVE seasons in and CSI: Miami remains one of the world’s most popular television programmes, eclipsing even its fore-runner, the Vegas based CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. And it’s all down to great storylines, action packed episodes and the glamour, not only of Miami but also of the stars themselves.

Season 5 however, kicks off with an episode entitled simply Rio. Shot on location in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, it continues where Season 4 left off and sees Horatio (David Caruso) and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) on the trail of Antonio Riaz, the man responsible for the hit on Marisol.

It’s an intriguing episode, not least because we see the two CSIs working outside their normal territory and yes, there are beautiful shots of Rio, of Corcovado and the Statue of Christ in particular. More importantly perhaps, the on-going storyline involving Horatio’s brother Ray and his wife Yelina (Sofia Milos) reaches a conclusion. And not surprisingly, Riaz is involved. It’s well played out by all concerned.

Season 5 also sees Rex Linn (as Detective Frank Tripp) and Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista, now a CSI) become series regulars. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking La Rue has rather more than her fair share of screen time given her character’s pivotal role in several major storylines, one of which involves her abusive ex-husband. It runs for several episodes, before culminating in the complex Internal Affairs.

There’s also an episode involving her sister Anya (Darkroom), which was actually inspired by a crime involving La Rue’s real-life sister Nikka who makes a guest appearance in the minor role of a reporter. All this against a backdrop of simmering tension, at least where Delko and Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) are concerned. However, I felt this had more to do with both men previously dating Boa Vista than her betrayal of the lab in Season 4, especially as the rest of the team seem more inclined to forgive and forget.

Which brings me to Wolfe who once again is in trouble – this time for not admitting he played in the death pool, an offshore casino using counterfeit bills, one of which finds its way into Calleigh’s purse – courtesy of Wolfe, of course! It happens in Death Pool 100, the series 100th episode, although for Wolfe, worse is yet to come in the season’s latter episodes. Yet despite his flaws, Wolfe remains an extremely likeable young man and for that all credit must go to Togo for his perceptive interpretation of the role.

It’s not often that the CSIs don’t get their man (or woman, as the case may be) but on two previous occasions, Horatio has seen Judge Ratner (William Allen Young) slip through the net. It’s particularly gratifying, therefore, to witness the odious judge’s demise in Death Eminent. It’s not, however, an episode for the squeamish, with its graphic high-speed depiction of a body decomposing – that’s four day’s decay in a little over four seconds – gross.

Season 5 also introduces another of Calleigh’s ex-boyfriends, Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth), who first crops up as an undercover cop in Going Under. A maverick if ever, I for one would be more that happy to see his recurring role become a permanent one. Besides, there’s still a tangible chemistry between him and the normally icy Calleigh and it would be good to see her melt just a little.

As always, CSI: Miami provides classy entertainment. However, with the exception of Rio, Season 5.1’s episodes are not among the most memorable in the series distinguished history. Nonetheless, they are still well worth watching. Besides, 5.2 more than compensates. Don’t miss….

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