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CSI: Miami - Season 5, Part 2

CSI Miami

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Man Down’ Commentary; Turning Up The Heat; Dressing The Part; The Real Mdpd.

AFTER a number of relatively mediocre episodes, Season Five, Part Two of perennial favourite CSI: Miami upped the tempo with an episode entitled No Man’s Land. However, fans of ‘Delko’ (Adam Rodriguez) had to wait until the ensuing episode (Man Down) to find out whether the young CSI survived the shooting.

I have to say, Delko’s seeming demise – to all intents and purpose he was dead – came as something of a shock and I seriously began to wonder if I’d missed an announcement about Rodriguez quitting the show. But no, he survived though not without losing his memory which, in turn, led to a poignant scene between him and Caine (David Caruso).

Caine you will remember, married Delko’s sister Marisol who was killed by the Mala Noche gang in the penultimate episode of Season Four and it fell to Caine to remind his brother-in-law of their loss – a scene well played out by both actors.

This was, in fact, all part of an intriguing storyline involving Clavo Cruz (Gonzalo Menendez), an odious character with no regard for life and who brazenly stabbed a prison guard before Caine’s very eyes. But, in a not surprising twist, it was Caine who ultimately became the father figure Cruz was so desperately seeking.

Although Delko recovered quickly – some might say a tad too quickly – from his leg wound, the after-effects of the head wound were ongoing, on one occasion amusingly so when the unexpected appearance of twins convinced the young CSI that he was seeing double (Triple Threat).

And although throughout Delko appeared less confident, his relationship with Calleigh (Emily Procter) appeared to be blossoming into something more than friendship. However, after culminating in a relatively chaste kiss on the cheek (Just Murdered), romace was summarily nipped in the bud by the reappearance of Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth) in Born to Kill.

Calleigh’s ex, Berkeley apparently dumped her while both were students at the Police Academy which, in the eyes of some, would make him a rat. Yet surely even they would have to admit he’s an attractive rat, making it easy to see why Calleigh would so readily fall for his charms second time around. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind betting that she’ll be hurt all over again – probably sooner rather than later.

Wolfe (Jonathan Togo), always in trouble, finally lost his job (Burned) but it’s not the end of the amiable CSI who, with Caine’s support, vowed to win back the respect and the position he’d lost. And in case his past demeanours have slipped your mind, Calleigh gave a succinct run down in the penultimate episode, Kill Switch.

As always, CSI: Miami delivers first class entertainment, frequently showing a side of Miami that tourists seldom, if ever see – prostitution, drug smuggling, gun crime, for example. It also reveals how facades of respectability can sometimes hide a multitude of sins (as in Broken Home). Colourful, exotic and glowing with the sunshine we’ve all so sadly missed this year, Season Five, Part Two will make a welcome addition to any collection.

Certificate: 15
Running time: 502mins
UK DVD Release: September 8, 2008