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CSI: New York - Hung Out To Dry

Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

INDIELONDON singles out notable episodes from our favourite television series for stand-alone reviews. On this occasion we take a look at the fourth episode of CSI: New York in season three, one entitled Hung Out To Dry.

What’s the story? The team investigates the gruesome death of a girl at a college party.

Why so good? By virtue of its premise, clues come thick and fast in CSI but here, they’re deliberate – a ploy to confuse and confound, not only the CSIs working the case but us, the viewers too.

Digging a little deeper: What at first appears to be a game, turns into something far more profound as the cryptic clues unravel.

Good as this episode most certainly is, it is an exceptionally grisly one and with such sickening and graphic depictions of the deceased, I’m inclined to think it crosses that very fine line between what is acceptable and what isn’t.

That said, we were issued a warning – you know, the one that says “viewers may find certain scenes disturbing” – and yes, I know where the off-button is on my TV set so I did have a choice. All I can say is thank goodness for a cast whose looks are so easy on the eye – without a doubt, a perfect example of Beauty and the Beast.

But I digress. The script is a particularly clever one, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and clothes with hidden messages. However, it’s the motive behind the crime that puts emotions through the wringer.

We’ve seen it before in CSI, most notably in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s Season 6 finale Grave Danger, when love is the spur. Misguided and inexcusable though it is, it’s hard not to feel a modicum of pity for the killer.

And don’t think you’ve seen the last of this one – with Hawkes (Hill Harper) a target and the killer escaping justice (and what a shock that was), there just has to be more.

Hung Out To Dry is then, a great episode but definitely not one for the squeamish.

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  1. I agree the show was violent but then the circumstances surrounding the case were extreme. This was shown after the wqatershed and as Lizzie states, it came with a warning. Crimes are never nice, so hat’s off to the CSI team for daring to show it properly. The New York show keeps getting better – not as good as CSI or Miami but catching up with each season.

    JK    Mar 5    #