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CSI: New York - Season 2 Part 1

Eddie Cahill

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IN ALL fairness, I should start by saying how much I enjoy CSI: New York which means, of course, my views will be completely biased. But why? I hear you ask…..

The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation took the staple whodunnit to a completely new dimension and in the process, resuscitated an ailing genre. And CSI: New York does exactly the same.

By going to the very heart of the crime (sometimes quite literally so), we’ve been introduced to the fascinating world of forensic science. I’m only surprised that crime rates haven’t dropped dramatically given the enormous scope and potential of the subject!

Then there are the characters: ex-Marine and veteran of Desert Storm, Detective ‘Mac’ Taylor (Gary Sinise), a boss who inspires both trust and loyalty in his team – just woe-betide anyone who lets him down; Detective Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), half-Italian, half-Greek but all New York.

Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) the brash young CSI from Staten Island; and Dr Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) who, this season, moves out of the coroner’s office to work in the field.

Of course, no CSI would be complete without a cop and here we have Detective Don Flack (Eddie Cahill, a former Friends co-star), now sporting a becoming new hairstyle (see image). It’s the streetwise, no-nonsense Flack who bridges the gap between the high tech CSIs and the gritty old school NYPD.

Season 2 also sees the team relocate to a Manhattan high-rise complete with brand new labs, autopsy rooms and state of the art equipment.

While Vanessa Ferlito’s decision to leave the show (to spend more time in New York with family and friends) makes way for a new character, Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap). Ironically, as Ferlito resigned, so her character (Aiden Burn) was fired (Grand Murder at Central Station).

But throughout, storylines remain as complex and diverse as ever. And, for the second time, we have a CSI: Miami/CSI: New York crossover episode (Manhattan Manhunt) in which Taylor and Caine (David Caruso) hunt down a twisted sociopath.

Fans of Caine and Co will, no doubt, remember that CSI: New York was first introduced in the penultimate episode (MIA/NYC) of Season 2 of CSI: Miami.

So there you have it – the reasons for my bias . And they’re pretty good ones, don’t you think?

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