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Decision Before Dawn - Preview & competition

Decision Before Dawn

Preview by Jack Foley

IN 1944, nearing the end of World War II, Colonel Devlin (Gary Merrill) is made leader of a new unit that uses German prisoners of war to spy on the German army.

Two prisoners are chosen to track a German armored unit: Tiger (Hans Christian Blech), a cynical older soldier who just wants to join the winning side, and Happy (Oskar Werner), a naive young soldier who joins because of his friend’s death.

US officer Devlin (Gary Merrill) trusts none of these last-minute “converts”, but German prisoner of war Happy seems to be sincere.

Devlin sends Happy behind enemy lines with Rennick (Richard Basehart), an American officer who still isn’t convinced that the German expatriate means what he says, but at the last moment when Rennick and Happy are confronted by German troops Happy steps up to help the Lieutenant escape.

Was this an intentional act of bravery or had Happy been lying about his mission all along?

A thoughtful World War II drama, Decision Before Dawn, directed by Anatole Litvak, was filmed on location in Europe.

It is released on DVD through Optimum Classics on Monday, January 31, 2011, along with another war-time classic, The Thin Red Line

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Certificate: 12
Running time: 114mins
UK DVD Release: January 31 2011