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Dragon Quest - Preview

Dragon Quest

Preview by Jack Foley

IT IS a time of swords & sorcery. It is an age of dragons & heroes. In this mythical time comes a magisterial epic, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The Dark Knight Krill has summoned the Fire Dragon in a bid to become supreme ruler of this ancient world. As armies maraud through his town, young Arkadi escapes the chaos and murder to the mountains bordering their country and the darkness beyond.

With his king dead and the earth of his beloved world scorched and destroyed, Arkadi discovers his destiny is to join with the legendary Maxim and become ‘The Keeper’.

Together with Maxim and his skilled warrior protégé, the beautiful Katya, this fellowship must find the missing stones of an ancient amulet. They are said to allow its owner to summon the great forces of the Dragon lords to battle and defeat Krill once and for all.

Starring Marc Singer, Brian Thompson and Jason Connery, Dragon Quest is directed by Mark Atkins. (Certificate 12).

Dragon Quest is released on DVD on February 1, 2010.