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ER - Season 7

Goran Visnjic

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IF, with ER currently off our screens, you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms, the DVD release of Season 7 of the evergreen medical drama could be just what the doctor ordered. It could also provide a welcome trip down memory lane.

Season 7 then, opens with Carter (Noah Wyle) preparing to leave rehab, where he’s been undergoing treatment for the narcotics addiction that has plagued him since he and Lucy were stabbed in the ER. Lucy, you will remember, died from her injuries.

But if you thought the matter done and dusted you’d be wrong, for in Episode 9, The Greatest of Gifts, the problem once again rears its ugly head.

Season 7 also sees the love triangle between Abby (Maura Tierney), Carter and Kovac (Goran Visnjic) begin in earnest; which just goes to prove, some girls really do have all the luck!!

In fact, Abby figures strongly in Season 7, in a story arc that involves her estranged mother Maggie – played by the wonderful Sally Field. And as always, ER excels when tackling a difficult subject; in this case, Maggie’s bipolar condition.

We also see a very different side to Kovac who reacts in a way you’d least expect when he and Abby are mugged during a date (Benton Backwards). But it’s a dying bishop who questions Luka’s faith and forces him to confront the past in a moving storyline than spans four episodes.

However, Series 7 really belongs to Greene (Anthony Edwards) and Corday (Alex Kingston) who somehow manage to get engaged (Sand and Water), married (April Showers) and have a baby girl (Sailing Away).

But for Greene, it really is the beginning of the end. Diagnosed with an ‘inoperable’ brain tumour (Rescue Me), he undergoes experimental surgery in New York (Piece of Mind). Yet the tell-tale signs remain – not least, the press reports of Edward’s decision to leave the series.

Throughout Series 7, the dramas that unfold in the ER are as hard-hitting as ever. But there’s that added ingredient – humour – that makes the unpalatable, palatable. And for the most part, it’s provided by the irrepressible Malucci (Erik Palladino). Episode 17, for example, Survival of the Fittest, takes place on April Fool’s Day which just about says it all…...

So there you have it, another excellent series and a welcome addition to any collection.