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Evan Almighty - Preview

Evan Almighty

Compiled by Jack Foley

AWARD-winning actors Steve Carell and Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman head the cast of Evan Almighty, a comedy blockbuster for all ages and the next chapter in Director/Producer Tom Shadyac’s ‘Almighty’ series, set for rental and retail DVD and HD DVD release by Universal Pictures on November 26, 2007.

With a supporting cast that includes John Goodman, Lauren Graham, stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes and more than 177 different species of animals, Evan Almighty is packaged in 100% bio-degradable packaging, and is also available in HD format.

The DVD is packed with a host of extras including Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, The Ark-itects of Noah’s Ark, Becoming Noah, Steve Carell Unscripted, Animals On-set Two-by-Two, The Almighty Green Set, It’s Easy Being Green, Acts of Random Kindness, A Flood of Visual Effects, Casting Call Serengeti, offering the viewer a truly ‘behind the scenes’ experience.

Evan Almighty, which re-visits elements of the traditional Noah’s Ark theme, sees Carell reprise his Bruce Almighty role as Evan Baxter, the preening TV newsreader who now makes a career transition to become a Junior Congressman.

Evan, his wife Joan (Lauren Graham) and three sons leave Buffalo and head to the pristine hills of northern Virginia where they become ensconced in their enormous new home.

During his political campaign Evan had boasted to the electorate that he would ‘change the world’, however when the casually spirited politico offers a prayer to God re-affirming this pledge he does not realise that ‘the man upstairs’ himself is listening and will hold him to account!

Strange things start happening to Evan who becomes convinced he is losing it when mysterious deliveries of wood and stone-age tools are delivered and animals of every shape and size start arriving on his doorstep.

Animals start following him to Congress, much to the dismay of his assistant Rita (Sykes), and Congressman Long (Goodman), one of the House’s most powerful members who is encouraging Evan to co-sponsor a controversial high profile bill that will take him away from his oft-neglected family but will further his career ambitions.

Suddenly Evan’s self-absorbed life is transformed from an overnight success to an almighty mess! Matters deteriorate further when Evan’s clean-shaven appearance is replaced by the growth of a beard that refuses to be shaved and the number 614 appears everywhere, which he later discovers represents a verse from the bible in which God instructs Noah to build an ark!

God soon delivers the ‘ark’ instruction to Evan and warns him that a flood is coming. Chaos ensues when Evan’s appearance begins to resemble that of the biblical legend; he’s suspended from Congress and begins the task of building the ark!

Film © 2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.