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Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

FOR an actor who considers himself to be retired, Sir Michael Caine isn’t half delivering some great performances of late!

Having recently enjoyed himself in The Dark Knight and The Prestige, the veteran star now has fun alongside Demi Moore in this entertaining, if flawed, heist movie.

It’s 1960 and disgruntled janitor Mr Hobbs (Caine) teams up with embittered female executive Laura Quinn (Moore) to rob the world’s leading diamond corporation that has maltreated both of them.

Hobbs’ plan is perfect but once it has been carried out, Quinn is torn between loyalty to her company and a desire to gain revenge for being overlooked on the corporate ladder. The trouble is, can she hold it together, or even trust the janitor?

Caine is the main reason for seeing Flawless, turning in a wily, yet suitably charismatic performance as a loveable rogue with a grievance. And while the heist itself is carried out relatively early, there’s plenty to keep viewers occupied attempting to guess how such an old man could have pulled it off, or why exactly he’s doing it.

Moore is less successful as the career woman approaching a crossroads in life, especially since some of her character’s actions seem illogical for such a controlled person. Two scenes that book-end the film, involving the Quinn character in her older years (and in lots of make-up), also feel unnecessary.

But director Michael Radford, of Il Postino and White Mischief fame, deserves credit for generally rising above some plot contrivances to keep audiences enthralled… and for managing to coax yet another great performance from one of British cinema’s true legends.

Certificate: 12A
Running time: 108mins
UK DVD Release: May 18, 2009