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Harlock Space Pirate - Preview

Harlock: Space Pirate

Preview by Jack Foley

SCI-fi legend Captain Harlock is back! A stunning reboot of the classic franchise, Harlock Space Pirate boasts state-of-the-art CG animation, edge-of-your-seat interstellar action and epic drama on a galactic scale.

With the might of the Gaia Coalition ranged against him, the dashing Captain Harlock defiantly sails to war in his battlecruiser Arcadia – and this time the fate of humanity is at stake!

To support the release of Harlock Space Pirate, coming to DVD and limited edition steel-book on Monday, April 27, 015, we are pleased to say we have a copy on DVD to give away to one lucky matey!


As humanity’s space empire collapses, 500 billion colonists pour back to re-settle their mother planet. With Earth unable to support such vast numbers, the devastating Homecoming War is fought over who has the right to return.

The conflict leads to the rise of the authoritarian Gaia Coalition, who declare the Earth a sacred place that must not be repopulated …only to break their own rule by allowing the galactic elite to take over the planet.

This hypocrisy enrages Captain Harlock, however, and the immortal space pirate goes to tragic lengths to thwart the Gaia Coalition’s plans.

Now the renegade captain and his crew, including ethereal alien Miime, loyal lieutenant Kei and the boisterous Yullian, are on a mission to set things right – by resetting the so-called ‘Genesis Clock’.

But Gaia Coalition admiral Ezra has sent his brother Logan to infiltrate Harlock’s ghost ship Arcadia and put an end to the Captain once and for all…

A Toei production, Harlock Space Pirate is directed by Shinji Aramaki, who also helmed Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina and Appleseed Alpha.

Harlock himself is played by Shun Oguri – the lead in the upcoming Lupin III live action movie – while David Matranga takes on the role in the English dub.

© LEIJI MATSUMOTO / Toei Animation

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