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HK: Forbidden Superhero - Preview

HK: Forbidden Superhero

SUPERHEROES are a very diverse breed, but we guarantee you’ve never seen one like this before. A teenager who discovers that by putting ladies underwear on his head he transforms into Hentai Kamen, the pervert mask.

Get ready for an adventure featuring easily the weirdest crime-fighter in history.

WITH GREAT PANTS COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. His father was a lawman. His mother was a bondage queen. His destiny was to put knickers on his head and fight for justice.

Teenage martial artist Kyosuke Shikijo wants to be a hero. But when the chance comes to foil a bank robbery and win the heart of the girl he adores, the only way to conceal his identity is to put lady’s knickers on his head.

This triggers his transformation into Hentai Kamen, the Pervert Mask, with the discovery that female underwear brings him undreamed-of superpowers.

Get ready for in-your-face superheroism from a man with pants for a mask. Based on the manga (of course it was based on a manga, what else would it be based on?) by Keishu Ando in Weekly Shonen Jump, HK: Forbidden Superhero is the weirdest crime-fighter in history, not joining the Avengers any time soon.


HK: Forbidden Superhero is available on DVD and Blu-ray now from Manga Entertainment UK. For more information on Manga UK releases, please visit the website

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