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House set for third season as Joey pulled

Hugh Laurie as Dr Greg House

Story by Jack Foley

GREAT news for Hugh Laurie fans – a third season of House has been ordered by Fox after continuing to secure more viewers during its acclaimed second season.

The show, which features Laurie as a brilliant but grumpy doctor, recently moved to a new slot after American Idol and is the only show to have held 70% of Idol’s audience.

Indeed, it had been averaging 14.1 million viewers before being moved – but those figures have leapt up.

Laurie has been a phenomenal success in the role, winning a Golden Globe earlier this year and picking up an Emmy award last year. He has also become something of a sex symbol.

His former TV partner, Stephen Fry, is delighted with his chum’s success, announcing “hooray for Hugh” at a recent press conference for his latest film, V For Vendetta.

Ironically, Fry was to have appeared in an episode of the second season but due to other commitments could not make the trip to America.

But he commented that House has shown there is nothing that Laurie can’t do when he sets his mind to it, adding that he is a terrific actor.

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While Hugh Laurie’s fortunes continue to rise, those of former Friends favourite Matt LeBlanc continue to fall.

His spin-off show, Joey, has reportedly been put on hold in the US, fuelling speculation that it will be axed.

TV network NBC has temporarily pulled the comedy from its line-up after just four million viewers tuned in during one of March’s shows (2006).

The timeslot is now being filled by Most Outrageous Moments and Joey is on hold, possibly until the summer.

Joey had already been moved around on the schedule, shifting from the prime time Thursday slot to Tuesday nights at 8pm.

When it debuted, the comedy – which follows the continuing misfortunes of Friends character Joey Tribiani – attracted 18.6m viewers.

Both House and Joey can currently be seen on Channel Five.