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Invitation Only - Preview

Invitation Only

Preview by Jack Foley

MOMENTUM Pictures invites you to a hellish party you’ll never forget when Invitation Only – Taiwan’s first ever slasher film – debuts on DVD on April 5, 2010.

Five young strangers are unexpectedly invited to an extravagant and exclusive party at which they have the times of their lives, mingling with the rich and the beautiful.

That is until they find the brutally decapitated body of one of their group and begin to figure out the true theme of the evening.

The remaining four become the prey of a vicious and relentless killer for the entertainment of their sadistic hosts. As the night progresses, the only ambition they have left is to get out alive…

Japanese adult video star Maria Ozawa stars in the terrifying Invitation Only in which the only luxury is survival.

Nail-biting suspense and stomach-churning torture scenes make this terrifying ordeal a must for horror addicts and fans of the Hostel and Saw franchises.

Certificate: 18
UK DVD Release: April 5, 2010