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Kandahar Break - Preview

Kandahar Break

Preview by Jack Foley

BRITISH director David Whitney presents his debut feature film, Kandahar Break.

Led by strong performances from Dean Andrews (Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes), Shaun Dooley (Red Riding) and fresh talent Tatmain Ul Qulb, this action-packed take on the Afghan crisis is both a love story and a potent social commentary, filmed on location in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

A team of British mine clearance engineers are working for the Taliban government in the scorching deserts of Southern Afghanistan.

One of the team, Richard Lee, falls foul of the corrupt local police chief, Ashiq Khan, who instigates a manhunt to find and kill the infidel. Alone, Richard must escape on foot across the border into nearby Pakistan, through hostile terrain, but during his journey he is ambushed by a force of rebel guerrillas, enemies of the government, who agree to help him flee the vengeful Taliban.

Shot in HD on the Pakistan border with Afghanistan in high-risk territories controlled by Taliban tribes, the making of the film was a true adventure, which almost came to a tragic end with the shooting of four Pakistani members of the film crew by the Taliban.

Kandahar Break is an impressive feature debut, a gripping journey to the heart of Afghanistan. The film delivers suspense, thrills and an engaging plot that mirrors the constant danger the crew faced while filming and the complex nature of the Afghan conflict.

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Certificate: 15
UK DVD Release: September 13, 2010