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Londoners take Snake Pit of Doom challenge to win copies of Indiana Jones on Blu-ray

Indiana Jones, Snake Pit of Doom day in London

Story by Jack Foley

MEGA fans of the Indiana Jones franchise gathered yesterday afternoon (Sunday, October 7, 2012) at HMV Oxford Street in London, a day before the collection was available anywhere else, to face their fears and delve into the ‘Snake Pit of Doom’ for their chance to win Harrison Ford-signed copies of the Blu-ray.

People of all ages reached into a snake pit to pull out copies of the film, to show how much they had in common with their hero (played by Harrison Ford in the movies).

Ellie Vasili (pictured), from Maldon, London, was one of the courageous fans who took on the horrifying challenge.

The 19 year-old Account Executive said: “I hate snakes and I’ve never come close to one let alone a whole box full so I was pretty petrified.

“But I managed to pull myself together and plucked up the courage to stick my hand in with them. It wasn’t nice at all and at one point I was worried they’d latch on to my arm but I came away in one piece.

“I feel like I’ve conquered my fear once and for all now and I’m glad I did it.”

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Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures is now available to buy on Blu-ray.