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Lost creators discuss an ending

Lost - Season 1

Story by Jack Foley

THE producers of hit television series Lost have revealed they are discussing the end of the series with US network ABC.

Although there are no plans to finish the drama in the near future, the producers say they want an end date to help plan future episodes.

They also want to avoid the show being cancelled ahead of its time, or outstaying its welcome in the same way that other key shows have in the past.

“Once we figure out when the finish date will be, a lot of the questions will go away,” explained executive producer Carlton Cuse.

The third series of Lost is now being shown by Sky TV in the UK, after it outbid Channel 4. But despite posting initially impressive viewing figures as part of its Sunday night line-up, viewing figures have dropped by more than a million.

The show is currently on hold because of US scheduling rules, which has seen the show also take a break on that side of the Atlantic. It’s due to return in February.

However, figures have also fallen in the US by around 14% – although the show’s creators say the drop-off is deceptive because the programme was such a sensation in its first two years.

The second season also suffered from lukewarm reviews during its middle section – although the third season has so far come back strong.

However, the producers went on to cite The X-Files as a comparable series which refused to quite while at the top – and promised that Lost wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

“That was a great show that probably ran two seasons too long,” added Cuse. “So, that’s a cautionary tale for us.”

Lost follows the surreal fortunes of a group of plane crash survivors on a remote desert island.

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