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Lost: Season 3 - What's next?


Feature by Jack Foley

‘’SOMETHING’S going to happen in the middle of season 3 that blows the doors off the show again,’’ promises Damon Lindelof, co-creator of acclaimed TV series Lost.

What that is remains a closely guarded secret, as does much of the content in the third season (soon to begin on US TV), but one thing appears certain: viewers will have the usual fun finding out.

Now that season two has ended in the UK and the key to the island seems to hang on a love story between two people we barely know, it’s time to contemplate what the ongoing exploits of the island survivors have in store for us.

An article in US magazine Entertainment Weekly certainly hints at plenty more intrigue – not least stemming from that surprise ending involving two snowbound researchers calling Penny, the ex-lover of Desmond, to inform her about an electromagnetic anomaly that viewers know was created by Locke’s decision not to re-set the timer on The Hatch.

If nothing else, it provided an answer to one of the most significant questions surrounding Lost – namely, is it taking place in the real world? On the evidence of that finale, it would seem so.

Explains executive producer, Carlton Cuse, somewhat cryptically: ‘’That scene obviously suggests a new direction for the show but we’re not promising when we’re going to get to it.’’

Certainly, Henry Ian Cusick, the actor who plays Desmond (and who received the show’s lone 2006 Emmy nomination) isn’t going to offer any further hints: ‘’I had no idea we were going that way with the story,’’ he told EW. ‘’At the end of the third episode when I ran off, I thought: “There’s a good chance I’ll be coming back, but there’s also as good a chance of finding a brown Dharma suit with a skeleton in it.” You just never know.’’

Without giving away too much, season three will certainly reveal more about the motives and origins of The Others – both with regard to who they are and how they have come to live on the island.

Their motivation for kidnapping Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) will also be explained, as well as offering the creators the chance to explore the live triangle between the trio a little more fully.

One thing’s for sure, Kate will be paired off with either Jack or Sawyer and will have to choose between them.

Season three will also see the introduction of a further three new cast members in the form of Elizabeth Mitchell (a former ER star and possible Other), Kiele Sanchez (of Related) and Rodrigo Santoro (of Love Actually fame).

Viewers will also get to see what happened when Desmond turned the hatch’s fail-safe key and cast the islanders in a blinding white light.

Adds Lindelof: ‘’On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10… You’ll look at the Penny scene again and say, ‘Sixty percent of what I thought I saw was dead-on, but the other 40 percent I never even considered!’‘’

US viewers only have until October to wait for such developments to occur – UK viewers will have to bide their time until next year. But we’re suitably intrigued as to be awaiting the latest season with breathless anticipation.

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