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Lost: Season 4 - There's No Place Like Home (1) (Review)

Sun (Yunjin Kim)

Review by Jack Foley

INDIELONDON singles out notable episodes from our favourite television series for stand-alone reviews. On this occasion we take a look at the latest episode of Lost: Season 4 entitled There’s No Place Like Home (1).

What’s the story? As the confrontation between the survivors and the freighter mercenaries begins, viewers are given an insight into the arrival home of the “Oceanix Six” as they deal with the press for the first time and reintegrate themselves into society.

Why so good? With season four building rapidly towards its inevitable cliffhanger conclusion, the pace has reached almost breathless levels as the fate of several characters hangs in the balance. Thanks to the flash-forward device employed since the end of the third season, we’ve known for some time that certain characters won’t make it off the island. But the question remains, what became of them? And as events on the island intensify with the arrival of a hot-headed group of mercenaries determined to “burn everything”, it’s increasingly likely that not everyone gets to live…

Digging a little deeper: There’s No Place Like Home (1) gripped from the outset thanks to its opening shot of the Oceanic Six arriving back in America and being greeted by their loved ones. Early on, there was a nice gesture as the lovable Hurly (Jorge Garcia) encouraged Sayid (Naveen Andrews) to accept a hug from his own family, so as not to feel alone.

It was followed by a press conference, at which each of the six – Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley, Sayid, Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Claire’s baby – faced a question on their ordeal. The story they told, though, was obviously manufactured and went like this:

Oceanic 815 crashed in the Indian Ocean, just south of Indonesia. Only eight people survived and made it to an uninhabited island called Membata. On day 108, six of them made it to the inhabited island of Sumba. And then home.

There were embellishments: Jack spoke of his ordeal at sea, Hurley joked about his lack of weight loss and Sayid confirmed that there was no chance of there being any other survivors. Kate, meanwhile, spoke of her “pregnancy” and childbirth on the island, while Sun confirmed that her husband, Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), hadn’t made it off the plane. All looked sombre, even fatigued.

There were further intriguing insights to come. Later in the episode, a fiercely determined Sun confronted her father at his workplace and announced that she had bought a controlling interest in his company. She also held him part-responsible for her husband’s death. The identity of the second person she holds to blame has yet to be realised. As yet, no one seems like an obvious contender.

Hurley, meanwhile, vowed to give up his Lottery winnings, labelling them as cursed, but still seems to be haunted by the winning numbers. When his father (played by Cheech Marin) presented him with a car he’d been lovingly restoring in his son’s memory, a terrified Hurley was suddenly confronted by the numbers and ran off. Intriguing…

Jack, on the other hand, attended his father’s funeral and presented a poignant eulogy, only to be confronted by a mysterious Australian woman at the end of the ceremony who informed him that Claire was his sister. Clearly devastated, Jack attempted to make sense of his father’s infidelity and the knowledge that he and Kate were now caring for his sister’s baby (Claire, of course, has apparently gone walkabout in the island jungle with Jack’s late father!!!!).

As if these revelations weren’t enough on their own, there were also events on the island – and in the present – to consider.

As Jack and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) reluctantly teamed up to confront the mercenaries, Locke (Terry O’Quinn), Hurley and Ben (Michael Emerson) headed for a new location known as the Orchid to “move the island”. And Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) began the task of ferrying the survivors to the rescue ship owned by Charles Widmore.

All of these events posed interesting possibilities and repercussions. Among the first group to be taken from the island by Daniel were – surprisingly – Sun and Jin and they appeared to arrive on the rescue ship safely. Yet we know that only one of them survives (or do we?)…

Jack and Sawyer’s alliance remains uneasy and is compounded by the fact that Jack is still recovering from his recent operation. They’re now off to rescue Hurley from Ben’s clutches.

Ben, meanwhile, has confronted the mercenaries and – in the final shot of the episode – been knocked unconscious by their leader, while Locke has been charged with completing the mission to move the island (a task that, in itself, sounds decidedly tricky).

Kate and Sayid, meanwhile, have teamed up to track down Jack and Sawyer in a bid to warn them of the mercenaries true intentions.

While on the rescue ship, Michael Dawnson (Harold Perrineau) and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) have located a room that’s been rigged with explosives.

What does all this mean? Who the hell really knows. But it’s a wild ride attempting to find out what happens next and who – if anyone – lives or dies. As usual, the answers that are provided give rise to more questions, although they’re no longer as frustrating as they used to be.

Season 4 has restored Lost to unmissable status and made it one of the very best shows on TV. We’ll miss it during its summer hiatus but can’t wait to see how things pan out – both during the remaining season 4 episodes and the subsequent new series. Let’s just hope the high quality continues…

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