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Mad Men: Season 1 - Preview

Mad Men

Preview by Jack Foley

FROM the executive producer and writer of The Sopranos Matthew Weiner, Season One of the critically acclaimed TV series Mad Men is yours to own on DVD from June 30.

This iconic DVD boxset comes complete with all 13 full-length episodes and is complemented with insightful extras, including audio commentaries and featurettes, making it a must-have DVD boxset for those already addicted to this phenomenon…and the perfect opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about for those who’ve missed out.

It’s party time in New York in the 1960s, and powerful and manipulative advertising agencies are mobilising the American public en-masse. The men and women of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency are at the top of their game playing in the ivy leagues of their cut-throat industry.

Led by master manipulator and renowned ladies’ man Don Draper (Golden Globe® winning Jon Hamm) this glamorous, sophisticated, smoke enveloped drama follows the sexual exploits and social lives of the ruthless and fiercely competitive professionals of the Madison Avenue based agency.

In an era when workplace morals, smoke-free environments, sexual equality and ethnic diversity were merely figments of the imagination, we see the sharp end of the dog-eat-dog world of high-end advertising in action.

Hot shot egotist Don Draper battles to stay one step ahead of the equally ambitious and merciless young executives desperate for a piece of the action. Elizabeth Moss (The West Wing), Jon Slattery (Sex and The City, Desperate Housewives) and Vincent Kartheiser (Angel), co-star as part of the team at Sterling Cooper Advertising, fighting it out in a world fuelled by ambition, greed and sex.

Mad Men is virtually dripping with atmosphere, creating instant nostalgia for an era few of us experienced let alone remember, and is now regularly referenced in style bibles (almost single handedly sparking the current trend in 60s influenced fashion for women).

Available on DVD from June 30, 2008, this first season of the “brilliant”, (Shortlist), “highly addictive” (Guardian Guide) and “amazing” (Grazia) must-have TV drama series Mad Men is the hot new provocative hit US TV series that simply cannot be missed!