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Man On A Ledge: Londoners see money thrown from a ledge

Man On A Ledge, stunt

Preview by Jack Foley

COMMUTERS in rainy Leicester Square were shocked when a man threw hundreds of pounds from a balcony in Central London earlier this week.

A huge crowd quickly gathered after the good samaritan appeared on the ledge and hurled out the money.

By-passers scrambled to grab the notes in Leicester Square, London, at 9am on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. There was an element of luck over who picked up money, as some was real cash, whilst a number of notes were actually leaflets made to look like money.

The £5 notes were thrown to re-enact a scene from action movie, Man On A Ledge, which was released this week on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday, June 11.

Office worker Gill Littler (pictured above), 24, from Camden, London, was fortunate enough to pick up £20 while on her way to work. She said: “I was just walking across the square when I saw a crowd starting to gather and wondered what was going on. There was a man with bundles of money and he was shouting to everyone that he was going to throw it.

“I thought he was just having a laugh but then suddenly he chucked out all the notes and everyone started picking them up off the floor.

“Everyone was laughing and stuffing their pockets, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“People were taking photographs and filming what was going on, it was extraordinary.”

View footage from the drop:

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