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Management - Preview


Preview by Jack Foley

GET a little romance in your life this autumn courtesy of Management, released on DVD on September 28 by Metrodome Distribution.

Management is a sentimental and quirky tale of two very different individuals, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn who are brought together by chance.

Directed by Stephen Belber, this funny and endearing romantic comedy of an unlikely relationship soon turns into a persistent journey in search of true love.

Sue Clauseen (Aniston), an attractive arts saleswoman recently broke up with hot-headed ex-punk, ex-boyfriend Jango (Woody Harrelson).

Whilst on a business trip in Arizona, she finds herself pursued by goofy and awkward night-manager at his parent’s motel Mike Cranshaw (Zahn).

Tirelessly unlucky in love, Mike attempts to seduce Sue despite his mother labelling her as ‘emotionally annihilated’. She builds a unique bond with immature but likeable Mike, and after a one-night stand he becomes infatuated with his dream-girl and a cross-country pursuit for happiness begins.

Complications soon occur as Sue returns to her reckless ex-boyfriend and Mike plots outrageous plans to break-up their relationship and change his slacker life-style. This fight for love gives Mike a purpose in life and so we witness the extreme lengths he goes to, to win Sue over.

Management will enjoy a limited theatrical release at the Apollo (West End) from 25 September but you will be able to take the film home for yourself on DVD just three days later.

Make sure you join Mike on his quest for a meaningful relationship in Management where love can conquer all on DVD from September 28.