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Moby Dick - Preview

Moby Dick

Preview by Jack Foley

CULT icon Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) plays grizzly, robo-legged Captain Ahab in this unique re-working of the classic tale Moby Dick.

Here the Pequod is a state-of-the-art nuclear submarine and Ahab’s mad quest begins when he hears confused sightings report of a whale up to 500 feet long.

An expert in whale song, marine biologist Dr Michelle Herman reluctantly joins the crew unaware that Ahab has become an enemy of the state and the US Navy.

Ignoring all orders to turn back, Ahab relentlessly pursues the beast; determined to seek revenge whatever the cost.

With eye-popping special effects and under-the-sea-action; it’s a futuristic take on man versus whale.

Moby Dick is released by Metrodome on DVD on July 25.

Certificate: 12
Running time: 87mins