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Nazi Dawn - Preview

Nazi Dawn

Preview by Jack Foley

AUGUST 30 marks the DVD release of Nazi Dawn, the latest film from writer-director Roel Reiné (and formerly known as Black Ops).

A dark and ghostly wartime secret is about to be uncovered when a battle between good and evil breaks out aboard a WWII-era battleship in Nazi Dawn, set for release through Revolver Entertainment.

When the SS Lane Victory, re-activated and deployed in the Persian Gulf for black-op interrogations, falls radio silent, an elite Marine task force are sent to apprehend the terrorists. Led by Col. John Willets (Lance Henriksen), the team find one survivor, John’s son Colin (Gary Stretch).

But as the soldiers search for the men responsible for the bloody butchery of the ship’s crew, they soon discover a more devious enemy than any of them had ever imagined and all hell breaks loose as they become locked in brutal battle to the death…

Watch the trailer here