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Paradise Lost - Preview

Paradise Lost

Preview by Jack Foley

PARADISE Lost is a terrifying horror starring Josh Duhamel (Transformers) and Melissa George (The Amityville Horror), directed by John Stockwell.

It’s billed as a film more horrifying than Hostel and more unsettling than Wolf Creek, so be prepared to be shocked as never before…

While backpacking through Brazil, a diverse group of young adventure travellers are marooned in a remote Brazilian beach town following a terrifying bus accident.

The backpackers – Alex (Duhamel), his sister Bea (Olivia Wilde), her best friend Amy (Beau Garrett), an Australian named Pru (George), and two best friend Brits named Finn and Liam (Desmond Askew and Max Brown) – slowly discover that the white sand beaches and lush jungles are concealing a darker, unsettling secret, which lurks deep within in its jungles…

Beautifully shot, Paradise Lost (released as Turistas in the US) is the first American production to shoot entirely in the country of Brazil.

The action moves from the lush jungles and heavenly beaches of Ubatuba to the amazing underground and underwater caves near Lencois, which had never been filmed in before.

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PARADISE LOSTEXTREME EDITION will be available on DVD in the UK & Eire by Lionsgate UK on October 8, 2007.