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Phantom Punch - Preview

Phantom Punch

Preview by Jack Foley

METRODOME Distribuition celebrates the 45th Anniversary of one of the most iconic photos and moments in the history of sport with a DVD release.

The controversial “Phantom Punch” saw Muhammad Ali conquer Sonny Liston in just one round and sparked furious debate worldwide.

On May 24, Metrodome release the biopic of the complicated, talented and brutal boxing legend Sonny Liston…

Starring Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Phantom Punch tells Liston’s tale from a wayward youth in prison-bound thief to the Heavyweight Champion Of The World – and then his decline following his defeat by Ali with rumours of links to organised crime and substance abuse never far away.

“The Phantom Punch” occurred on May 25, 1965.