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Poker Night – DVD Release (Release Date: Feb 10)

Poker Night

Feature by guest writer

AFTER some of the recent releases concerning the poker and casino genre unceremoniously flopping at the Box Office, many film production companies are hesitant in investing a genre that is now considered irrelevant. Take the likes of Runner Runner and the more recent Paramount flick, The Gambler as perfect examples as both performed poorly.

That’s probably why Poker Night didn’t even make the cinemas, globally. Fast-tracked to a DVD release, it’s understandable why indie filmmakers Wingman Productions didn’t sink their entire year’s budget into this film.

But regardless of forcefully pulled from the cinemas before a single showing; Poker Night is actually an intriguing film. It’s far from the cut-and-dry poker movie many would expect from the title. Instead, the film focuses on a police collective that tries to guide the lead character, Stan Jeter, played by Beau Mirchoff, through a precarious situation.

Featuring a stellar cast, even for an indie production, Poker Night showcases Hollywood stars Ron Pearlman (Sons of Anarchy), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Titus Welliver (Sons of Anarchy) and Roy Elard (Sleepers).

As the group of current and ex-policeman sit down to a game of poker, they talk their understudy Stan through some of life’s lessons. As they aim to educate Stan on how to be the best possible cop, the movie intertwines this with a real-time issue when he encounters a vicious psychopath.

It’s not a film for the poker purists as this crime thriller only uses the game to set the scene for the bloody scenes ahead. But with a raft of twists it manages to keep the audience gripped throughout.

Whether this film will help revive the poker genre remains to be seen but writer and director Greg Francis certainly does his best to breathe life into this struggling genre. With poker still extremely popular worldwide and poker giants such as Betfair reportedly being worth over $1 billion according to Business Insider, there should be an audience for this type of film.

Couple this with the raft of horror flicks performing well at the Box Office, maybe this is the sort off-kilter poker film ideal for your next movie night?